Top 10 posts on the future of media


Another quick selection of my most popular posts from 2011, this time on the topic of the future of media:

1. Predictions for media industry in 2011

Social news curation, crowd sourced journalism, multi-platform distribution, personalized advertising and tablet media will be just some of the key trends shaping the year ahead.

2. Narrative Science raises $6m to replace web copywriters with computers. How long until journalism is automated?

The obvious next step is to automate copywriting, further improving the cost-revenue equation for those seeking to attract search traffic.

3. Breaking through BRIC: How to work with media in Brazil, Russia, India, China

Panel discussion in New York on media in emerging economies.

4. The rise of participative TV (hint: that’s better than social TV)

The opportunity for television is to become a truly participative media.

5. 6 critical issues: Why the super injunction story represents a major social turning point

This is one of those seemingly small incidents on which major social turning points hinge. So many fundamental issues of society, media, and our future are tied into this that it is difficult to disentangle. Here are a few compact thoughts and critical issues on what is at the heart of this extraordinary situation.

6. The implications of the new broader, flatter distribution of music taste

The distribution of music taste and consumption has shifted dramatically over the decade years, and will continue to evolve significantly in coming years.

7. Revisiting the future of PR

Six Facets of the Future of PR:
1. Clients expect more
2. Media is transformed
3. Business is a conversation
4. Information flows in every dimension
5. Transparency is a given
6. Influence networks are at the heart

8. Breaking: Details of News Limited’s digital subscription plans

I am at what would not long ago have been unimaginable for News Limited: a briefing by senior executives for bloggers and social media. What is even more surprising is that social media are getting the scoop on mainstream media in being briefed first.

9. The latest on the future of journalism: where value creation means jobs

Journalism has a rich future. In some ways it will be very similar to its rich and illustrious past. In others it will be very different, reflecting the current fragmentation and restructuring of the world of news.

Those journalists and publishers who recognise where value resides in the emerging landscape of news will prosper themselves, and create many-faceted wealth for us all.

The NewsScape

10. The liberation of music for consumers and musicians

Our musical tastes used to be perforce extremely narrow, limited to what we were spoon-fed by the music industry. Now we can explore, find, and make famous an extraordinary range of talent that never would have been visible before.