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@webtechman just posted this:


For connoisseurs of geek porn who haven’t seen it before, click on the image below for my full Twitter background, comprised of four of our more well-known frameworks, or go to the full pdfs of the frameworks here: Web 2.0 Framework, Extinction Timeline, Trend Blend 2007, and Future of Media Strategic Framework. I’ve been intending to do a compilation of some of our frameworks – will post that soon.

Framework_mosaic copy.jpg

  • Visual aids always work well for me. This was a clever way of bringing this good work to the surface. I can’t even pick which one I like best. I feel attracted to Future of Media Strategic Framework, it must be the curves!
    This put my mind back in time of an old Matrix movie scene. The one where the guy is looking at a screen of streaming green letters and numbers while describing a very vivid picture of what he sees.
    Nice mind candy!