The future of social media: Almost all commerce will become social


Earlier this month Air New Zealand ran its second Social Media Breakfast in Auckland, with close to 1,000 people coming to see Teddy Goff, the Digital Director of Obama’s campaign, and myself speak. The number of attendees had increased since Randy Zuckerberg spoke at the first Social Media Breakfast last July, and now Air New Zealand intends to run the event regularly through this year.

Below is a brief but nice highlights video of the event, including highlighted excerpts from my and Teddy’s keynotes.

One of the excerpts shown from my keynote was on the rise of social commerce. Virtually every aspect of how we buy will be social.

That shift will create enormous opportunities, but it will leave behind those who are not enabling a social experience for their customers.

As Teddy points out in the excerpts from his presentation, people haven’t changed. Among other things, they want to engage with their friends, to connect, to be inspired.

These age-old desires can in fact now be satisfied in more powerful ways. This is driving the rise of social buying, as well as the social voting that the Obama campaign so beautifully enabled.