Update and most popular frameworks: business models, predictions, media landscapes


I very occasionally send out email updates on what I’ve been up to and the most interesting content generated by our companies. I thought it was worth sharing the one I sent last week, as below.

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Update and most popular frameworks: business models, predictions, media landscapes

Happy New Year! I hope it’s a stunningly good 2011 for you.

In what are now very occasional emails I will share the most interesting content and resources from my work and across our companies. This email includes::

a visual overview of our companies’ activities and business models
our most popular visual frameworks from the last year
excerpts from interesting keynote speeches
a brief personal update

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AHT Group: Business Model Overview!

AHT Group Business Model

Business Model Overview

A visual overview of our companies, what we do, and our models for success. It’s a relief to have this out, so I can finally properly explain what I do!


Predictions and Frameworks

Together these visual frameworks have been seen over 2 million times over the last year.

Descriptions of the dominant trends for the 2010s. In our accelerating times, ExaTrends is more appropriate than MegaTrends (Exa = Mega cubed).

The 11 themes that will define the year.

When newspapers will become insignificant in every country in the world. This was seen over 1 million times and appeared in publications in over 30 countries.

The 8 primary sources of value in a post-channel media landscape.

The key elements for media organizations creating iPad and tablet strategies.

Overview of the 14 major categories of crowdsourcing and the key players in the space.


Keynote speaking is now my primary activity other than running my businesses. Here are notes from a small sample of recent engagements..



Personal update

Leda is now 4 and Phoebe 1½, so together with it now being just over a year since we moved house, things are becoming a bit more sane. They are absolutely delightful girls – here are pictures of Leda and Phoebe taken by Victoria. Leda will be going to school next year, so a big transition coming up.

Victoria has had a great year, with Victoria Buckley Jewellery getting global headlines through the famous Facebook Nipplegate Saga and the business continuing to grow. She has now decided to spend more time at home with the children for a while, so is just in the shop two days a week. She bought a DSLR and is sharing her beautiful pictures on her new Seeing Sydney photoblog.

Generally, life is great!


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Have a fabulous 2011!