Thought landscape: Thinking, Technology, Business, Humanity


In order to gain more clarity for myself on what is important to me, I have created a draft Thought Landscape of primary topics, arranged across four related themes: Thinking, Technology, Business, and Humanity. This will be useful for me in filtering information and guiding the frameworks I develop on these topics.

Click on image for full size pdf

The scope of topics presented is of course very broad, but laying them out in this way helps me to frame what I am looking for and thinking about as we push forward into the future.

Below is the list of topics, though note that as shown in the diagram, the themes blend into one another, they are not distinct.


Future of humanity
Collective intelligence
Future of democracy and government
Post-capitalism and future of society
Future of media
Future of work and education


Future of organizations
Future of events
Collaborative value creation
Social enterprise
Parallel entrepreneurship
Platforms and ecosystems
Network economy
Next phase of business


Enterprise technology
Bio/ energy/ materials tech
Human Computer Interfaces
VR/ AR/ XR/ extending reality
Artificial intelligence
Exponential technologies


Futurist thinking
Foresight practices
Concept visualization
Thinking structures
Thriving on Overload
Frame of optimism and possibility