The state of Enterprise 2.0: adoption has begun in earnest


Dion Hinchcliffe has written a very good piece titled The State of Enterprise 2.0 giving an overview of where we are. He says:

Increasing evidence abounds that Enterprise 2.0 adoption has begun in earnest with a typical example being Wells Fargo taking the plunge, having rolled out Enterprise 2.0 platforms to 160,000 workers. It has become clear that we’re moving out of the early pioneer phase to a broader acceptance phase. From the production side, a brand new analysis indicates that the business social software market will be nearly $1 billion strong this year and over $3.3 billion by 2011. In these and other ways, such as the growing collection of success stories, Enterprise 2.0 has arrived.

Dion goes on to list seven lessons on what we’ve learned on Enterprise 2.0. I have to wholeheartedly agree with every point, particularly the last one. I’ll expand more on this soon.

Go to the post for full details on each of the lessons.

Lesson #1: Enterprise 2.0 is going to happen in your organization with you or without you.

Lesson #2: Effective Enterprise 2.0 seems to involve more than just blogs and wikis.

Lesson #3: Enterprise 2.0 is more a state of mind than a product you can purchase.

Lesson #4: Most businesses still need to educate their workers on the techniques and best practices of Enterprise 2.0 and social media.

Lesson #5: The benefits of Enterprise 2.0 can be dramatic, but only builds steadily over time.

Lesson #6: Enterprise 2.0 doesn’t seem to put older IT systems out of business.

Lesson #7: Your organization will begin to change in new ways because of Enterprise 2.0. Be ready.