The growing appetite for learning how to crowdsource


[Originally posted on Getting Results From Crowds book website]

As awareness of crowdsourcing increases, there is a rapidly increasing appetite for learning how to do it well.

Yesterday I spoke at the City of Sydney’s Let’s Talk Business event on Outsourcing: Costs Down + Revenues Up, alongside highly experienced executives such as Matt Barrie, CEO of and Wai Hong Fong, CEO of OzHut.

It was a sell-out audience, and the question session following our presentations showed a strong eagerness to learn about how to use crowdsourcing effectively.

I wrote Getting Results From Crowds because using crowdsourcing well is not as easy as it may seem. There are many who get turned off by bad initial experiences, just because they didn’t approach it the right way.

A combination of increasing awareness of crowdsourcing, together with the realization that it is not always straightforward to get good outcomes, is leading to a real and rapidly growing appetite for learning how to crowdsource well.

Our global series of crowdsourcing workshops, starting on April 16 with two half-day crowdsourcing workshops in Sydney, and followed shortly after by sessions in locations including Cologne, London, Paris, and other cities are attracting strong interest.

A diverse group including small business owners, entrepreneurs, creative agency executives, and corporate innovation executives are joining us at the workshops. In addition to the pragmatic approaches and guidelines we will cover, one of the important outcomes of the workshops will be identifying what people want and need to learn, and the best ways to help people gain the relevant experience and insights.

We’ll be sharing what we learn along the way.