Sunrise: The technologies that will change our lives


Yesterday morning I appeared on the Sunrise national breakfast program together with science broadcaster Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, being interviewed about the big ideas and new technologies that will change our lives. The video clip is below.

The four ideas that I pointed to were:

Personal DNA testing – costs have collapsed to the point where we can sequence our own genome, discovering insights into our family past and future health

Facial recognition – advances in recognition mean that both in online worlds and a real world filled with security cameras we will be recognized wherever we go

Next phase of online shopping – augmented reality, social shopping, and changing behaviors will transform how we buy things

Digital cash – the ancient, clunky cash in our wallets may be finally ready to be supplanted by payment by mobile phones and other technologies

Dr Karl talked about ‘moonshot ideas’, where China is investing massive amounts into enormous development projects, such as solar energy and bio-engineering.

As the hosts said at the end of the segment, there was no time to go through the ideas in any kind of depth, so hopefully there will be more another time.