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At Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum last week the event hit #1 on Twitter globally, reflecting both the frantic Twitter activity at the event and the degree of interest and discussion from people following the event on Twitter around the world.

If you want the full richness of the discussion on the day, go to the complete Twitter stream for #e2ef. To make it a bit more accessible, we’ve created a quick summary of around 250 of the most interesting and useful Twitters on the day, sorted by topic. Apologies if we missed out your favorite tweets in our scan!

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chieftech: hat tip to @rossdawson for the facilities – wifi and power available at each table! #e2ef

PRIANational: Thanks to @rossdawson and the team for the enterprise 2.0 conference was fantastic… #e2ef

trib: @jkerrstevens you’d be enjoying #e2ef if you were here

GWhiteOz: #e2ef this event is a good reminder why it’s important to still do things in person and not sitting behind a screen

LeslieCBarry: Excellent day at #e2ef – thought provoking, great speakers and loads of food for thought. Well one, Ross and team!

socialalchemy: great introduction #e2ef!

maverickwoman: @hollingsworth #e2ef lovely to meet you too! Great event, Thnx @rossdawson for bringing together so many Aussie innovators

maverickwoman: #e2ef Learnt lots 2day fr the rich conversation in room, the #stream and the relationships formed that will continue after. TY all x Annalie

trib: @Dvc_tmsau you’d like what’s being said at #e2ef in context of what you’re trying to do

amalaviya: great conversations around all the enterprise 2.0 topics thanks to all who shared ideas. #e2ef

hollingsworth: Crikey – picked up about 20-odd more followers and I was only able to stay for 3 hours – excellent conference BTW. Kudos @RossDawson #e2ef

charispalmer: Impressive day at Ross Dawson’s Enterprise 2.0 forum. Drink time :>) More at

helmitch: @rossdawson enjoyed the participation today, made a difference to the conference experience. 2-way exchange, not just sit & listen :-) #e2ef

artech05: great conference.thanks to everyone! enjoyed it thoroughly! #e2ef

ideagarden: Wrapping up #e2ef Thanks @rossdawson & team, great event :-)

LeslieCBarry: Excellent day at #e2ef – thought provoking, great speakers and loads of food for thought. Well one, Ross and team!

liubinskas: Photos from today’s Enterprise 2.0 forum #e2ef 2009

lyndakelly61: I felt for the 1st time i really participated in a conference, Twitter thing was awesome, i learned heaps & now really inspired, thnx #e2ef

gpdawson: Enjoyed a great conference on Enterprise 2.0 – well done @rossdawson and team #e2ef

johnt: Sorry about all the retweets 2day folks, but the #e2ef conference was on FIRE. Thx 4 all the awesome tweets guys

kcarruthers: so many nice ppl today @ #e2ef – especially nice to meet @charispalmer IRL at last


PRIANational: #e2ef Live feed by PRIA located here:

awmitchell: Thanks to everyone tweeting from #e2ef I’m enjoying your commentary

RealTimeTrends: #e2ef – is now the #5 trend on twitter. Follow here: – twIRC Channel:

RealTimeTrends: #e2ef – has risen to the #2 trend on twitter. Follow here: – twIRC Channel:

chieftech: go aussies! #e2ef is the number 2 topic on Twitter right now

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twendly: Most active last | 1H #journchat | 4H #e2ef | 12H #Oscars | 24H Slumdog Millionaire |

@hollingsworth: #e2ef 2nd most trending topic Notably the audience are looking down at their Smartphones etc <-- :) lyndakelly61: check this out (expand ) we're famous #e2ef @artech05: Interesting how live twittering from a conference (#e2ef) focuses the main points - perhaps a new way of developing resear ... @laura_miles hey there! I'm at Enterprise 2.0 in Sydney. Live feed at #e2ef. Excellent example of conference twittering! awmitchell: Thanks to everyone for the tweets from #e2ef and for your responses to my questions. Good to 'meet' some of you for the first time. twopularFeed: 8 hours: Mardi Gras 8.00, Oscars 5.45, #e2ef 5.00, #journchat 4.30, #heroes 4.15, iPhone 4.00, Chuck 4.00, Heroes 3.45, #24 3.15 lyndakelly61: @rossdawson the Twitter thing was totally cool, loved being on that top list all day, also opened my eyes to many uses of Twitter #e2ef sagart: my grp mgr went to #e2ef ; i asked her thought about twitter and she was "yeah, not sure about twitter"; ahem! IMPLEMENTING ENTERPRISE 2.0 REPORT Alex_Manchester: Future Exploration Network's Enterprise 2.0 report launched today. 200 pages, Case studies, very practical, useful info #e2ef lyndakelly61: good stuff in the book Ross, I'll be discussing pgs 34-35 at our next Executive mtg 2morrow #e2ef chieftech: anyone know where people who didn't attend #e2ef today can get a copy of Ross' E2.0 book? Alex_Manchester: IMO, Barriers checklist and implementation framework are high value pieces in the "Implementing Enterprise 2.0" report published today #e2ef CASE STUDIES

Alex_Manchester: Looking forward to Bond University Enterprise 2.0 case study. Will be interesting to see status at the bridge between school and work #e2ef

helmitch: Bond uni using many 2.0 tech for students, teachers, library for learning, rsrch, collab, internal + external #e2ef

rossdawson: Bond Uni using ‘social citations’ for research #e2ef

chieftech: Bond Uni 3 step process, Discover > Pilot > Integrate #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: The Bond University presentation slides are available now online here: (expand ) #e2ef

helmitch: Bond uni using many 2.0 tech for students, teachers, library for learning, rsrch, collab, internal + external #e2ef

shanewilliamson: #e2ef Bond Uni states the important of ease of use for web 2.0 tools

helmitch: Really liked the Bond preso – many synergies, good learnings + insights #e2ef

chieftech: ok, a hardcore biz case study from Corporate Express. no fluffy stuff here! #e2ef

lyndakelly61: #e2ef chris lampard: had a nitemare of business practices it seems, dynamic, integrated web content w other business practices

Alex_Manchester: Corporate Express: 2 million+ documents, limited search capabilities Made 75 acquisitions but no investment in intranet search. #e2ef

lyndakelly61: #e2ef chris lampard: had a nitemare of business practices it seems, dynamic, integrated web content w other business practices

chieftech: ok, a hardcore biz case study from Corporate Express. no fluffy stuff here! #e2ef

lyndakelly61: #e2ef data quality – develop a plan; if u build it they may come; change mgmt 1 of biggest challenges

Alex_Manchester: Interesting talk by Chris Lampard. Lots of challenges in their environment #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Nathan Wallace at Janssen-Cilag now on. Always interesting. Is moving on to a job overseas. Not surprised. Done some great work. #e2ef

PRIANational: #e2ef I have seen Nathan before and he has an awesome outlook at using social media in enterprise

Alex_Manchester: Nathan’s work and case studies all online at #e2ef

trib: I really enjoy the Janssen-Cilag E2.0 story. It’s real, human and an insane success. #e2ef

liubinskas: Nathan Wallace the tech guy from Janssen-Cilag talking with gusto about Enterprise 2.0 and waving arms in joyous excitement #e2ef

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chieftech: 75% of Janssen-Cilag staff have contributed to their intranet (which is wiki) but 84% of pages only have1 contributor #e2ef

lyndakelly61: like what Nathan is saying re intranet and wiki #e2ef found his site

trib: @lyndakelly61 The J-C story is awesome. Working the same thing on a smaller scale with a client. #e2ef

lyndakelly61: #e2ef clarify wat business looking for; simplify; implement – good lessons. thnx Nathan!

chieftech: Peter Williams from Deloitte Digital is up now #e2ef

lyndakelly61: Deloitte CEO: we cannot be stopped, dont fear them, embrace them #e2ef

chieftech: Deloitte have an open Internet policy #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Peter Williams talking about @yammer at Deloitte #e2ef

ideagarden: #e2ef Yammer – “you don’t need a business case if it doesn’t cost you any money”

trib: Pete Williams from Deloitte is a hero – #bushfire fighter, Flowerdale rebuilder and E2.0 guy! #e2ef

chieftech: paraphrasing: if cost is zero to experiment, then do it #e2ef

GWhiteOz: community led recovery from the Victorian Bush Fires demonstrates power of web to connect and avoid red tape (expand ) #e2ef

nathanwallace: 62 tweets posted during my 15 min talk at #e2ef

trib: My view on the Field of Dreams approach to E2.0 = it will *fail*. Seed. Seed. Seed. Give them something to work with. #e2ef

ideagarden: Interesting concept, deloitte created a site for employees to list “the dumbest things” in the company…then started to fix them #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Pete has a blogger-based internal comms blog for his team’s internal comms #e2ef

ideagarden: “CIO bybass” = if you don’t give access to the things people want, they will bypass you. apparently you see this alot in Canberra :-) #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Peter Williams: You can’t stop progress” #e2ef

ideagarden: Enterprise 2.0 starts with leadership #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: “Micro blogging makes connections” #e2ef

lyndakelly61: #e2ef Web 2.0 starts with leadership & culture, experiment & embrace; participate; it’s emeregent; just do it. good 1 Peter.

PRIANational: #e2ef Peter Williams – fantastic presentation on “just doing it”

hollingsworth: Listening to Case Studies on four leading examples of Enterprise 2.0 #e2ef

helmitch: Panel talking about measuring – content created, delivery on objectives, survey on improved comms #e2ef

lyndakelly61: using socila networking tools saves productivity and time – trick is to convince others of this. #e2ef

jverco: Regarding web2.0 in the enterprise: “Bandwidth and security concerns are “people issues pretending to be a technology issues” #e2ef

chieftech: Bond Uni say they have picked Oracle Content Management in the backend moving fwd, but have yet to see its Web 2.0 capabilities… #e2ef

PRIANational: #e2ef retirees can still be early adopters…. and gen y’s technophobes!

hollingsworth: Janssen-Cilag grappling wth how to increase convenience and trust when dealing with customers using social media tools #e2ef

hollingsworth: Corporate Express building a unified platform for customer and supplier collaboration. #e2ef

llocklee: #e2ef Deloiite ROI is based on ‘product’ sales facilitated by E2.0

hollingsworth: Corporate Express mindful of interpersonal relationships between customers and suppliers at core of their social media efforts #e2ef


helmitch: Capturing the flow of ideas, know what the org is thinking – leads 2 conversations, collaboration #e2ef

jverco: Youth of today expect open access to computers (ie. no lockdown) as their right. Consider culture impact at enterprises by lockdown..#e2ef

shanewilliamson: BT has over 16K WiKi users #e2ef

trib: It’s *not* about the generational divide! It’s a furphy! Research exists to show this. It’s about working together. #e2ef

chieftech: a respectful balance needed between work and home as E2.0 is blurring the division between the two #e2ef

shanewilliamson: “enterprise 2.0 should be a symbiotic relationship between home & work lives” #e2ef

PRIANational: Interesting to hearagan that email is dead – disbelief still prevails – how do we get it through to people? #e2ef

PRIANational: cluetrain is the real star – markets are conversations! #e2ef

chieftech: @PRIANational email isn’t dead, just like letters aren’t dead, but like letters email is no longer effective #e2ef

lyndakelly61: technology will never replace the people-to-people #e2ef

ideagarden: the blackberry has translated SMS to email. #e2ef

chieftech: ok. here we go. what I’ve been waiting for. JP is about to come on via video… #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Presentation incoming via Skype from JP Rangaswami #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: JP Rangaswami talking about interfaces and consuming structured data and the progression of interface tech, breaking walls down. #e2ef

chieftech: hearing about E2.0 in the context of the history of user driven computing #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: “The web was designed as two-way from the start.” #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: “Home computing facilities usually better than the workplace”. Agreed this has massive impact on w/place tech dynamics #e2ef

ideagarden: By telling peole they can’t use there laptop at work is like telling peole they must use the company pen. #e2ef

bankingreview: Rangaswami says 100 yrs ago if you worked in a bank you could only write with a quill (the company pen)… #e2ef

helmitch: New landscape – challenging our concepts of hierarchy, privacy, what’s in or out of f/wall #e2ef

helmitch: “Release the tools into the wild” JP #e2ef

jverco: In the enterprise: IM is problem solving, wikis are primarily for workflow #e2ef

maverickwoman: @rossdawson #e2ef @jobsworth was awesome….really got a lot of value…wish he was in the room. Such a sage! Thanks


hollingsworth: IBM have implemented an Enterprise Tagging Service for their 300000-user intranet bringng value by user-filtering popular pages #e2ef

hollingsworth: People, Application Development and Platform – IBM defines the 3 pillars of Web 2.0 #e2ef

hollingsworth: IBM Lotus Connections Profiles tool runs on BlackBerry allowing “expertise search” across your organisation, remotely. #e2ef

rossdawson: Govt prefer “situational business applications” to “mashups” #e2ef

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hollingsworth: IBM Lotus Connections Profiles tool runs on BlackBerry allowing “expertise search” across your organisation, remotely. #e2ef

trib: Guy from IBM reckons he can show progress amongst Fed Gov. I want to see that. It is happening but v slow. I left APS because of it. #e2ef


kcarruthers: gr8 panel on social networking #e2ef

helmitch: Enterprise social nwks – create a deeper connection w/wkplace #e2ef

kcarruthers: social networking = combining work & social stuff for free & ppl want to use it #e2ef

lyndakelly61: my whole family is on FB – we use it to plan events and share stuff. we love it & i’ve got to know my nieces, nephews etc better #e2ef

PRIANational: @e2ef social media is the hardest and easiest thing to build a business case for…

hollingsworth: Deloitte Digital explains why they used Facebook internally versus building or buying their own: faster to market #e2ef

hollingsworth: AMP argues no business case, just do it, and it will go viral – social networks in corporates #e2ef

jverco: Deloitte: With no training, no software cost and immedaite adoption Ent2.0 apps dont need a business case. Just do it #e2ef

lyndakelly61: use tools that people are already using – it’s not rocket science so y dont we do it better?? #e2ef

PRIANational: Social networks maintain good weak tie networks which adds business opportunities #e2ef

chieftech: well worth listening to @maverickwoman – have worked with her in the past and know she is doing not just talking about it #e2ef

PRIANational: Microsoft Social Media Policy – “be smart” – good policy! #e2ef

lyndakelly61: You can also use FB privately (email etc) so dont have to post yor whole life up there #e2ef

PRIANational: The power of social media – charging iphones in a conference! #e2ef

amalaviya: adoption of new technologies needs to be supported by metrics especially when it comes to large enterprises. #e2ef

lyndakelly61: the community self monitors – both in physical and online spaces – we tend to forget this #e2ef

chieftech: Actually @bhowarth is doing a good job of integrating Twitter into the panel discussion :-) #e2ef

lyndakelly61: disagree totally that Facebook is personal, I use it for professional networking & with my staff all the time #e2ef

kcarruthers: privacy is dead – hyperconnectivity rulez #e2ef

stewartheys: Employers need to be more forgiving but employees need to be more responsible with their online identities. #e2ef

kcarruthers: rules of engagement are critical for enterprise social networking & social media #e2ef

jverco: Social media guidlelines: Keep them short and conversation. Have to trust personal judgement. #e2ef

socialalchemy: issues of behaviour a failure to establish good ethics? …it seems that more often than not compliance relies on punitive regulation #e2ef

infogear: #e2ef Enterprises need to understand that they are part of the employees life not the other way around; openess and trust as success factors

lyndakelly61: why not just use FB and Twitter in yor org – they’re free! #e2ef


hollingsworth: Work – Technology – Family and You: Westpac’s David Backley has a PhD in that. Fascinating. #e2ef

ideagarden: what drives technology adoption – it fulfills a need, easy to use, price point is good and…it works #e2ef

mattoverington: #e2ef “Westpac does almost 700,000 sessions per day on its netbanking platform.” Wow.

PRIANational: Technologies that have sucessful adoption do not need tutorials #e2ef

artech05: #e2ef David Backley – lack of user-centred design within the organisation while great concentration when focused on external clients

bankingreview: Westpacs Backley says we do things for customers which are really simple but inside the enterprise we forget about user centred design #e2ef

hollingsworth: 6000 concrrent users, 700000 sessons per day. Westpac’s internet banking. User-centred desgn externally exceeds internally #e2ef

chieftech: good point that companies won’t be able to get away with crappy internal systems forever – about the totality of peps blended lives #e2ef

ideagarden: the difficulty that large organisations face is that failures are not small iterative trials but large multi million dollar fuckups #e2ef

iggypintado: Blackley is talking about customers & employees being enabled to CONNECT to other people, information, experiences and ideas, at will? #e2ef

GWhiteOz: #e2ef Westpac blogging two years ago didn’t work. But Second Life did work. Perhaps banks live in virtual worlds

helmitch: Westpac + SL – the project sponsor changed, this changed things #e2ef

seancarmody: I’m seeing commentary about Backley’s belief in “user centered design” at #e2ef I wonder how the IBM outsourcing fitted this view!

hollingsworth: Westpac wont spend money on systems that dont raise revenue or reduce cost. No speculative investments even wth agile methodologies. #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Here’s that theme again. Org complexity makes things too slow to be effective. You have to be so fast these days. #e2ef

helmitch: Gfc has changed the environment – focus is on differnt things cf iterative process – barriers 2 adoptn #e2ef

PRIANational: todays environment will need to prove customer retention or cost savings for them to be adopted – because of econ crisis #e2ef

bankingreview: Backley says anything we put up needs to drive customer retention, revenue or reduce cost. Today we can’t do experimental things #e2ef

ideagarden: in todays climate, any idea needs to either generate revenue or reduce cost. bottom line #e2ef

seancarmody: I’m seeing commentary about Backley’s belief in “user centered design” at #e2ef I wonder how the IBM outsourcing fitted this view!

lyndakelly61: need an internal champion – but what happens when they leave, its a sustainability issue for the org IMO #e2ef

GWhiteOz: #e2ef Westpac blogging two years ago didn’t work. But Second Life did work. Perhaps banks live in virtual worlds

ideagarden: westpacs second life experience, great until the project sponsor left and all the energy disappeared #e2ef

kcarruthers: backley is talking real sense – we need more ppl like this in senior ICT roles #e2ef

trib: Backley is *much* better this year than he was last year. #e2ef

ideagarden: Is work/family conflict fueled by technology or does it enable us to blend the 2? Is this actually a fundamental societal shift? #e2ef

bankingreview: Backley says Westpac has a code of conduct. The code is the same online as for offline. People will do bad stuff regardless #e2ef

hollingsworth: Technology drives work-family enrichment from the value of multiple roles and diversity of experience each brings #e2ef

bankingreview: Backley says you should expect people are adult and can deal with social interactions. They’ve been doing it for a long time! #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: “Make sure your pilot is a pilot” #e2ef

hollingsworth: Westpac’s David Backley refers to Tapscott’s book Growing up Digital and the changing work modes #e2ef

chieftech: @ideagarden not the 1st time technololgy impacted society – e.g. industrial revolution. #e2ef

kcarruthers: backley talking about democratization of app development & agile #e2ef

chieftech: @awmitchell the challenge in big co’s is that a pilot can turn into a production system, but isn’t supportable or scalable #e2ef

lyndakelly61: backley also said 2 have fun with it & create mischief – good ideas! #e2ef

bankingreview: Backley says corporates can be bad at stopping projects. Need to be able to stop or speed up if required #e2ef Sounds obvious? Guess not

ideagarden: two things large corporates are bad at a) stopping a project when it is failing b) winding a project up. Been there, done that #e2ef

lyndakelly61: disagree re sponsors – u need to build org buy-in from beginning & not rely on 1 or 2 people #e2ef

chieftech: nice correction about the history of the Luddites and their attitude to technology – it wasn’t anti-tech as such #e2ef

amalaviya: very interesting: luddites would have been the first ones to use twitter #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Good question about how to maintain project when sponsor leaves. A: “Depends how senior exec is” #e2ef

chieftech: @hollingsworth @artech05 waterfall doesn’t work for solutions that users build themselves. only works 4 deploying E2.0 infrastructure #e2ef

bankingreview: Q Backley:Any formal plans to encourage collaboration between Westpac & St George. Says collaboration is good at middle tier mgt level #e2ef

artech05: Waterfall methodolgies were good for closed design problems – new methodologies are needed for open innovation #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: @awmitchell His ex. was a 50-person blackberry trial became a 1000-people trial you could never turn off. HAs to scale, has fit system #e2ef

@trib you sound like me! This “incoming generation” is bullshit,. it is here right now #e2ef << Amen to that! jverco: J.Gilling: Social media enables comp's to build relationships with your heart. Prior to social media the relat'ship was with your mind #e2ef WORKSHOPS

kcarruthers: some great conversation in my mini-workshops at #e2ef – thx to all participants

ideagarden: #e2ef Roundtables Risks: you talk inside an organisation, you know where it will go, you put it out on a blog and it’s no longer private

ideagarden: #e2ef Roundtables – Discussing the army’s adoption of technology and & interesting that even a strong heirarchical organisation can adapt

ideagarden: #e2ef Roundtables Barriers to allowing 30 – 40 people to chat over the network. average corporates don’t run a carrier networks

ideagarden: #e2ef Roundtables – reflecting on the issues of email when it first came out. We will probably have to go through this learning curve

ideagarden: #e2ef Roundtables – we don’t think you CAN implement enterprise 2.0…it happens.

bankingreview: Audience tables – compelling case for enterprise 2.0 is the discussions are going on already, they happen organically so get involved. #e2ef


amalaviya: Will mobile workflow evolve into a mobile BPM solution for the enterprise? #e2ef

helmitch: Now on to topics about mobile workflow etc #e2ef

rossdawson: 44% of workers are mobile/remote sometimes or always -optus #e2ef

lyndakelly61: looking 4ward to mobile stuff as I think it will be huge #e2ef

ideagarden: strange perspective of tennis guy on making things user friendly -do what you want and tell them to take it or leave it? #e2ef

amalaviya: mobile strategy is a complex area, even likes of Nokia have struggled with it in recent times #e2ef

kcarruthers: good talk from tennis cio #e2ef

lyndakelly61: Tennis guy: testing needs to mirror real life & need to have processes in place to move 4ward w/technology #e2ef


bankingreview: Dawson says all of the major banks and quite a few 2nd tiers are at various stages with Enterprise 2.0 tools. Westpac most advanced #e2ef

helmitch: E2.0 creating the next phase of organisations #e2ef

lyndakelly61: #e2ef smaller orgs using social networks in greater numbers than large

chieftech: @rossdawson asks, “What about the economy” and E2.0? quotes @amcafee that E2.0 makes orgs more different #e2ef

GWhiteOz: current economy is big opportunity for organisations to invest in enterprise 2.0 applications, says Ross Dawson #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Enterprse 2.0 implementation framework – “iterate and refine” #e2ef

helmitch: Iterative process to create value – it’s part of the journey – try + refine #e2ef

GWhiteOz: current economy is big opportunity for organisations to invest in enterprise 2.0 applications, says Ross Dawson #e2ef

helmitch: Many risk averse industries, but driver of value outweighs this, eg connect to expertise – compelling reasons #e2ef

lyndakelly61: Ross: success stories are best way to build business case (that word again!!) #e2ef

helmitch: lots of discussion about pilots today – and choosing when to cut, expand or modify #e2ef

helmitch: champions essential to making the shift and change to E2.0 #e2ef

lyndakelly61: Ross: evangelist within the org are critical, find & support champions #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Building on a great point made in workshops – evangelists *with credibility* is important. #e2ef

helmitch: implementing E2.0 – understand the business drivers – what makes it compelling? what are the risks & barriers? #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Lots of good points here from @rossdawson #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Governance is CRITICAL to Enterprise 2.0 #e2ef

helmitch: you cannot map this out every step of the way -it’s experimentation, learning lessons and applying the lessons learned. Culture change #e2ef

bankingreview: Dawson says success stories make the most compelling business cases. So lets talk more success & less oops, that didn’t work #e2ef

lyndakelly61: iterate & refine, experiment, learn & apply lessons – u cant map this out #e2ef

bankingreview: Our peers, competitors and suppliers are all engaged – we need to be on a parity with them says Dawson. Our table agrees #e2ef


helmitch: need to put things out there and see what happens, how it works. Culture change – “fail fast, fail cheap” – and learn #e2ef

helmitch: having somethng to get into the workflow is the biggest challenge – this needs to happen for it to stick – again, culture change #e2ef

stewartheys: Things we could be using more: Wikis, Yammer, Ning. Now to sell the benefits and encourage adoption. #e2ef

ideagarden: #e2ef problems implementing Enterprise 2.0 – “getting it to stick”

ideagarden: E2.0 is not about IT departments building massive apps ownership can easily be lost to small nimble web companies & prebuilt apps #e2ef

GWhiteOz: #e2ef web 2.0 spreads cost of knowledge acquisition, this excites Blake Dawson IT director

bankingreview: Westpac focused on banking right now – tech no longer the focus. Want to make sure they are around another 200 yrs #e2ef #damnucreditcrunch

GWhiteOz: #e2ef mobile sales automation next big technology for Corp Express

rossdawson: IT needs to ‘show and tell’ so business understands web2 #e2ef

Mrgareth: @alex_manchester All this talk of “fail fast fail cheap” #e2ef Isn’t this a reprise of Gartner’s 2009 prediction #4:

Alex_Manchester: Westpac focusing more on business needs and results, not shiny new apps and tools just for head office #e2ef

helmitch: put a ban on wikis – got more requests, but then easier to have conversations about ‘why, what do u need it for’ – sounds familiar ;-) #e2ef

bankingreview: Backley reminding us that stuff that is cool for 2,000 people in a shiny office may not be so cool for people in branches #e2ef

ideagarden: Interesting strategy from Chrissy Blake Put a ban on new wikis and wait and see how many people want one and are ready to justify it! #e2ef

GWhiteOz: #e2ef employee engagement critical for success of enterprise 2.0 apps

helmitch: change mgt – bringing people along to get them to the ‘aha’ moment and realise how it makes their job easier / more productive #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Backley: “Enterprise 2.0 tools have to be fit for purpose” Agreed. #e2ef

docbaty: @awmitchell Focus on the fundamentals – collaboration; open communication; dialogue; embrace uncertainty & lower control barriers #e2ef

bankingreview: Banks pushing out large volume of content to staff – they sift it themselves.Enterprise 2.0 may help with sifting but not cracked yet #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Backley: “Different business areas have different business needs” – true for lots of things related to intranet/comms #e2ef

@lyndakelly61: I think need to implement a web 2.0 way of thinking/mindset in the org b4 using Web 2.0 apps #e2ef

helmitch: beyond the ‘wiki hysteria’ – get something fit for purpose for the user group-eg no editing on bkg regs.What r u trying to achieve? #e2ef

bankingreview: Backley says We’ve stopped getting as carried away with blogs & wikis & started thinking about what are the problems we need to solve #e2ef

Alex_Manchester: Wikis cn be great for banks for competitor intelligence and fast updates to evolving products. #e2ef

LeslieCBarry: My takeaway – Tap existing peer based collaboration networks within the org and learn how THEY’RE doing it now -leverage and fasttrack #e2ef