Seeking talent in Sydney: Amazing Content and Web Project Managers – Part-time


We have just placed an ad on Seek for Amazing Content and Web Project Managers – Part-time.

Here is the ad below. At this point, we are looking for people who will be part of our local team in Sydney. A bit later we will extend our search for similar talent globally. We’d love to hear from you if you think it’s a fit, or please pass it on if you think there are others who would be interested – thanks!

Amazing Content and Web Project Managers – Part-time

* Drive cutting-edge content projects with global visibility
* Looking for skills in high-value reports, web publishing and communities, web apps, iPad apps, events and more
* Apply your talents within exciting new business models
* Part-time/ flexible hours – work in Surry Hills and remotely

We want talent!
We believe in talent and we want exceptional people. We are running a wide range of projects, and if you’re amazing we will find ways to use you – we have unlimited openings for awesome people.

We see a particularly deep pool of very talented people who do not want full-time work. As such we are looking for a variety of part-time project managers, usually working around 8-16 hours per week.

Our team
Our diverse group consists of a small core team, based in the heart of Surry Hills’ digital hub, a number of project managers, and a global crowdsourced team. We need people whose talent, intelligence, experience and skills can be applied to our projects. In most cases project managers will supervise writers, coders, designers from our global talent pool.

The projects
These are our current highest priority project types and roles. We expect candidates to be exceptional in ONLY ONE of these fields. Of course diverse talent is very welcome.

– High-value reports. We have upcoming reports on topics such as the future of news, social media in retail, branded apps, tablet strategy, social business etc. Editors/ lead analysts will help create report outlines and work closely with writers and researchers.

– Web publishing/ editing/ community management. We currently have and continue to launch new websites and online communities on topics such as SME technology, future of sex, iPad media, personal branding. Editors will help design and run sites, and apply their sophisticated understanding of social media.

– Web projects. We are developing a range of websites using APIs, web mining, analytics, social media integration, web visualization etc., applied to domains such as influence and reputation analytics, subject aggregation, and information interfaces. Web project managers will design specifications and supervise developers.

– Events/ communities/ sponsorship. In addition to our upcoming Future of Crowds Summit we are considering a variety of compact lunch and evening events on future of media, social media in specific industries, future of sex etc. One project involves tapping a community of the most influential people in Sydney. Event and community managers will be experienced, imaginative and connected.

– Consulting on the future. We run consulting projects on many specific aspects of the future. Project managers provide world-class client communication and project management.

– Mobile apps. We create iOS apps, including productivity apps and content. Mobile project managers will create app specifications and manage the process of app creation and launch.

– Web video. We create a variety of brief web videos. Video producers will shoot interviews with a green screen, edit video and supervise Aftereffects creative.

Your primary role is to take ideas and execute them effectively within limited budgets, working closely with chairman Ross Dawson, a small core team, and our global network of designers, developers and writers.

Expectations for work quality are extremely high. Our basic standard is perfection, so you have to be comfortable in a highly demanding environment. You must be a pleasure to work with.

While the primary workplace is in Surry Hills near Central, you will frequently be able to work virtually.

Initial pay is expected to be $20 – $30 per hour on a contract basis, depending on experience, plus bonuses if projects are successful.

Those who prove to be our best project managers will be offered opportunities to run selected new ventures, with incentives potentially including profit share or equity.

Our companies
You will work across the Advanced Human Technologies group of companies.
AHT Group Business Model –
Advanced Human Technologies –
Future Exploration Network –
The Insight Exchange –
Group chairman Ross Dawson –

Send applications via Seek OR to: applications AT ahtgroup DOT com

After an initial interview, promising candidates will be asked to do tests to demonstrate their capabilities.