Re-envisaging the organization in a rapidly changing world


I recently gave a keynote on Business in the Age of AI at Oracle CloudWorld.

After my keynote I was interviewed about some of the key messages in my keynote. Here is one of the short videos created.

Below is a transcript of my comments in the video.

Organisations and business leaders need to re-envisage what an organisation is.

And the old, hierarchical, structured, siloed organisation of the past simply will not be successful. In a highly dynamic, fast paced world, highly and increasingly competitive, so it is not really a question of whether an organisation will change, it is just only those organisations that are dynamic enough and take in the new forms that are relevant in a dynamic world will be the ones that succeed and survive.

Fundamentally every organisation needs to re-envisage what they become when their work force shifts, when their people in human roles today need to shift to become humans complementing machines in their work.

It changes the skills, it changes the organisational design, it changes the whole nature of what the organisation is so it requires re-envisaging the organisation and continuing to build the capabilities to deliver the AI that will allow them to take that path.

Image: Petra Gagilas