Australia’s top 25 business blogs ranked by traffic


SmartCompany has released a nice list of Australia’s 25 top business blogs, created by Brad Howarth.

With the list is a useful article running through the highlights of the blogs on the list, including why these leading businesses blog, the value they get from it, how they go about it, and far more. There is also a number of good points on the keys to running a success blog.

From the article it sounds like I was the first of the 25 bloggers featured to start blogging, kicking off in 2002. Next month I’ll be celebrating 8 years of blogging. Many more have joined in since then.

Below I have put the list of the 25 business blogs together with their authors, ranked by their web traffic from Alexa as of today. A couple of cautions to sound here: This list is about the top business blogs, which is more about business impact than traffic. Also Alexa figures are pretty unreliable, though at the moment there unfortunately aren’t many better tools to rank blogs, with Technorati rankings changed and Wikio not comprehensive.

My blog comes up at rank 7, though most of the ones ahead of me are professional blogs while I get to this when I can (unfortunately this is my second post in over two weeks now :-( ).

See the article in SmartCompany for the full review and to see descriptions of each blog. Brad has added some other blogs that just missed the cut this year on his blog.

1. Problogger (Darren Rouse): 2,069

2. Telstra Exchange: 8,771

3. Just Creative Design (Jacob Cass): 21,866

4. mUmBRELLA (Tim Burrowes and team): 25,891

5. Digital Buzz Blog (Digital Buzz): 28,898

6. Delimiter (Renai LeMay): 126,324

7. Trends in Living Networks (Ross Dawson): 148,131

8. Bluewire Media (Bluewire Media): 285,617

9. Aussie Rules: (Phil Dobbie and Robert Gerrish): 329,068

10. Ideas Culture (Yvonne Adele): 389,301

11. Pollenizer (Pollenizer): 424,314

12. Start-up Blog (Steve Sammartino): 668,235

13. Adspace pioneers (Julian Cole): 688,257

14. 22michaels (Shoes of Prey): 775,029

15. acidlabs (Stephen Collins (trib)): 797,210

16. Michael Specht (Michael Specht): 819,380

17. PR Warrior (Trevor Young): 1,346,609

18. RedBalloon (Naomi Simson): 1,539,801

19. Emma Isaac’s Blog (Emma Isaacs): 2,398,905

20. New Retail Blog (Jon Bird and Matt Newell): 2,534,858

21. Catalyst for Magic (Annalie Killian): 3,282,394

22. The Pursuit of Luck (Jason Bresnehan): 6,144,884

23. Deloitte Digital Blog (Peter Williams and team): 7,204,640

24. Mr MiniMovers (Mike O’Hagen): 9,586,137

25. Tell Us Your Holden Story NoRank