Looking for Outstanding Researcher/ Writer on Crowdsourcing


We have just posted a job on Odesk for an Outstanding Researcher/ Writer on Crowdsourcing in a freelance role. Below is the job description. If you’re interested please respond on Odesk.

We’re very excited about our forthcoming book on how to crowdsource effectively, so if you really understand crowdsourcing, are a good researcher and great writer, we’d love to work with you!

Outstanding Researcher/ Writer on Crowdsourcing

We are looking for an outstanding researcher and writer who has a deep understanding of the crowdsourcing space.

The successful candidate will contribute to a high-profile book on crowdsourcing that will be released later this year, as well as to one or more of the crowdsourcing websites we run.

Initially we will provide assignments in researching specific aspects of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and writing these up for the book and blog. The right candidate will also be able to identify and suggest interesting topics.

We are looking for:
* Solid understanding of crowdsourcing
* Good capabilities and experience in research, including comparative analysis
* Excellent writing ability, including good blog writing style

The researcher will be credited in the book, and they will be attributed as author in all their blog posts. The book and blog will attract significant attention.

We are expecting to pay up to $25 per hour. The right candidate will be attracted to the high-level visibility of the role, their deep interest in crowdsourcing, and the opportunity to work with the book’s lead author, futurist and entrepreneur Ross Dawson.

If we get the right person we will undoubtedly offer them more work, some of which could include authored reports and profit share opportunities.

In your application please write a few paragraphs on the future of crowdsourcing and why you think it is important.

You need to apply on Odesk, but if you are not yet a member and have specific questions regarding the work you can use the Crowdsourcing Results contact form.