Looking for crowdsourcing workshop/ event partners: Europe, North America, Asia


A book can be a very good way to distill and present useful information and guidance. We have done our best to make Getting Results From Crowds as pragmatic and practical as possible in helping organizations to use crowds to grow business and new possibilities. However for some issues and some people, a high-impact workshop or participatory event can be a more direct way of learning new ways to do things. As such I am planning a series of participatory workshops around the world that will build on the content of Getting Results From Crowds.

We are looking for event partners around the world who are interested in working with us bring these workshops to their local communities. Please go through this brief document for an overview of what we are suggesting:

There are three major kinds workshops on crowds I can run, depending on the audience. These are:

Getting Results From Crowds. A pragmatic workshop that goes through how to get the best results from crowd workers, including setting up the required internal processes. It is usually intended for startups and high-growth businesses, though can be adapted for large organizations.

Crowd Business Models. This is a highly participatory workshop to look at the Crowd Business Models proposed in Chapter 22 of Getting Results From Crowds, and explore emerging business models based on crowds. Intended for cutting-edge entrepreneurs.

Future of Crowdsourcing. This can be run as a keynote, workshop, bar camp, or unconference, exploring the many possibilities for how we will tap the power of crowds.

I am doing keynotes (on The Future of Crowds) at TheNextWeb Conference and Summit in Amsterdam April 25-27, and probably an event in Cologne to follow the Crowdsourcing Summit there, so I’m keen to look at possible workshops and events in Europe particularly for the week of April 30, and possibly the week of April 14. I will be back in Europe later in the year, dates yet to be determined, so that is another possibility for workshops in European cities.

I am also in discussions on running crowd-related events in Silicon Valley, New York, and Chicago, but these are at the formative stages, so let me know if there is any interest in collaborating on events in these or other locations in North America.

I am also interested in exploring running workshops in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai (possibly more oriented to a provider perspective), and in the Middle East, and have already had interest from Manila.

I should also note that I’m also happy to discuss running public or corporate in-house workshops on topics such as The Future of Work and Organizations, Strategies for the Future of Media, and Implementing Enterprise 2.0, if event partners see stronger interest from their communities for those topics.

Do let me know if you’d like to chat about possibilities – please get in touch on the AHT Group contact form and we can discuss.