Looking for a genius projects/ marketing/ web/ publishing manager in Sydney (PT)


We have recently launched our We’re Looking For Talent website, which represents a new phase in the growth of the companies in the AHT Group.

The first role we are very actively recruiting for is a genius projects/ marketing/ web/ publishing assistant or manager. The ad says in its capabilities section:

We are looking for people who can point to special talent in at least two of the following:
* Online and offline marketing
* Web project management
* Social media and social media marketing
* Use of crowdsourcing tools and platforms
* Print publishing and paid content on the web
* Creative project management
* Mobile app marketing

As described in our Why Work For Us? overview, for different roles we are either open to global applicants, or prefer people in Sydney. This particular role is Sydney based, working with our core team based out of Surry Hills.

We may be open to exceptional applicants from the rest of the world for related project manager roles, however for now this is a significantly lower priority.

I’ll continue to regularly share on my blog who we are looking for, together with lessons learned as we build out our own crowd business model.