Launch of my new vlog: Experiments will be at the heart of the future


For many years I have been wanting to do a vlog – a video blog – partly to make it quicker and easier to share thoughts and ideas. I have had a blog for 16 years now, but find it hard to find the time to blog as much as I’d like.

So here is Episode 1 of my new vlog: Exploring the Future!

Please have a watch, share if you feel so inclined, and if you like it please subscribe to my YouTube channel. After switching from my old channel I am now essentially building this one from scratch.

Here is the essence of what I cover in this episode:

When I was young I decided that I would treat my life as an experiment, and that’s what I’ve done, trying out many paths and possibilities along the way.

Today everyone is talking about experiments as the heart of business. the now-famous Lean Startup methodology used in startups and now also large corporations is founded on experimenting – making and testing.

As the world accelerates, experiments will become more and more important – the less you can plan, the more you need to simply try things out to see what works. Not just business, but also government and society will be driven by experiments.

I have many ideas for what I’m going to do with this vlog. But basically it will be an experiment, sharing ideas about the future.

I will try different content, different formats, different approaches, different styles, different editing… and see what works

And of course, as in any good experiment, you can expect some things will work, and some things won’t work as well. Let me know what you like or don’t like!!

So if experiments are the heart of the future, what experiments are you trying in your life? What experiments will help you learn what you need to succeed on your unique path? We all need to be playing, trying out different things.

In coming weeks and months I will be sharing diverse insights on the future and what I’m seeing along the way. Hope to converse with you along the way…