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Recently futurist Ross Dawson gave a keynote for Optus Business. Below is a video snippet of his inspiring keynote, offering compelling insights into the rise of Weightless Economy.

Full Transcription: Weightless Economy

Ross Dawson:

So, in order to understand the future it’s useful to think into the past, and if we look at the U. S. Economy and in the year 1980 was worth 4.9 trillion US dollars. The actual weight of goods produced was 1.3 billion tons. Now if we fast-forward for the next ten years marked the year 2000. The economy almost doubled in size to 9.3 trillion US dollars, yet the weight of goods produced had only gone up by a few percent. That makes sense if you think about it. It’s not as if we eat twice as much when we become wealthier and in fact that the big hi-fi’s, the speakers we used to put on our cabinets back in the 1980’s, have shrunk into iPods that we slip into our pockets. So, what this means is that the economy is becoming more and more virtual, and if we think about the next 20 to 25 years; we can confidently predict that the global economy will double in size and that all of that growth, all of that doubling of the economy will be from things that weigh nothing; ideas, information, knowledge, services, this is where our future lies, the economy. This is where the value is being created.

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