Keynote excerpt: The Trend to Openness in Technology and Society

An excerpt from opening keynote by Ross Dawson at APIDays conference on the Flow of Innovation.

Full Transcription: The Trend to Openness in Technology and Society

Ross Dawson:

Today I want to talk about one single fundamental trend,
and that is towards openness.
We all know that open source has picked up
a bit of steam over the last couple of decades.
Open technologies, open sources, by any number of measures this has grown,
this is a fundamental platform for how technology is developing.
What is really interesting is that there is a relationship between society and technology.
Why do we have more open technology?
We have as fast a pace of social change as we do of technological change.
Maybe it is the technologies that are shaping our attitudes.
Certainly we have more open social technologies generally.
So are the technologies shaping our social attitudes?
Or perhaps our more open social attitudes are shaping the technologies we are creating.
I think that there is a virtuous circle where the greater technological openness,
the flows of information we are seeing, the greater transparency,
this openness on every front technologically are shaping our social attitudes,
and those in turn are driving the technologies we are creating.
This is a self-accelerating trend linking society and technology.

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