Keynote excerpt: Technology will enable our humanity to blossom

An excerpt from opening keynote by Ross Dawson at TAFE Engage conference on The Next 25 Years.

Full Transcription: Technology will enable our humanity to blossom

Ross Dawson:

What exciting times we live in!
And this is just the beginning.
There are many different ways to look at this.
Of course there are challenges
when the world is changing and we need to be able keep up.
At the same time there are amazing opportunities.
A wise man once said
As long as the universe is changing, there will be opportunities.
Given the pace of change today there are extraordinary opportunities.
And it is all about our attitude.
The future will unfold in amazing and unpredictable ways.
Our ability to make a better world
for ourselves, our communities, those around us
all comes from our attitude and how we think.
To look at the world today, particularly in your world,
the key dimension is the difference between humans and machines.
In this video you can see that there are three robots and three humans.
And if you have a little look you can probably work out which one is which.
This is actually already five year old technology.
We are beginning to get closer to the point where we can’t distinguish
between humans and machines, at least from the outside.
So it is around what is inside us, around who we are as humans
that will come to fruition, will blossom even more than before
in a world of technology.

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