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Ross Dawson is a globally renowned and highly acclaimed keynote speaker. Strong demand for Ross’s expertise has seen him deliver numerous keynote speeches across six continents. For years he has been writing about reputation and has often said that this will be the decade of the reputation economy.

Keynote speaker video – ExaTrends of the Decade: The Reputation Economy

The rise of the reputation economy is one of the most important trends of our time. In the following video keynote speaker Ross Dawson discusses the rising importance and opportunities of the reputation economy. Some of the issues covered in the video include:

* The amount of data we have now is enabling the measurement of reputation
* Influence and Reputation are different
* Klout, PeerIndex and their peers do not measure reputation, they are trying to measure influence.
* Other players in the emerging reputation space include LinkedIn, and CubeDuel
* Service marketplaces such as, oDesk and Elance have internal reputation measures
* There is immense value to reputation measures, across many aspects of business
* Reputation is becoming central to business and society

Full Transcription: ExaTrends of the Decade: The Reputation Economy

Ross Dawson:

Our map of the decade shows the 14 exa trends that are shaping this decade. An exa trend is a Megatrend cubed because that is the pace of change in these extraordinary times.

Today, we look at the reputation economy. This is the decade of the reputation economy. Of course, the reputation of companies and individuals has always driven business. What has changed is that we now have an immense amount of data that points to how trustworthy and how credible people and organizations actually are. From that we are creating measures of reputation, they’re increasingly accurate.

Services such as Klout and PeerIndex are currently getting a lot of attention. However, these measure influence not reputation and these are quite different things, illustrated by those who may have a big impact on social media but don’t necessarily have a great reputation. and CubeDuel are players in the reputation space while LinkedIn through its recommendations feature has a solid foundation if it chooses to move more squarely into the reputation measurement area. Service marketplaces such as and oDesk have well developed reputation systems. But these only apply to the people who are in their user pool.

Being able to accurately or even reasonably accurately measure reputation has immense value. It makes it far easier to find suppliers or business partners and this lowering of transaction cost can create a far more fluid and efficient economy. If you are investing in or supporting small businesses especially in developing countries – It means your resources can go far further. We will increasingly have reputation scores attached to content, to publishers and to journalists, making it easier to find trustworthy information and it might even make dating a little easier. The reputation economy will increasingly drive business and society. Your reputation will precede you wherever you go.

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