Keynote: Thought control and making payments by thinking

An excerpt from Ross Dawson’s keynote speech where he gives his insights into the concept of thought control and how one day we might be able to make payments by thinking.

Full Transcription: Thought control and making payments by thinking

Ross Dawson:

The very edge of these technologies is in using
our thoughts to control machines.
In the case of this woman, for the first time in 15 years
she is able to choose to pick up a coffee cup,
bring it to her lips and have a sip
This is the power of thoughts.
Clearly it is far more valuable for her, but imagine for all of us
when we can start to use not just our voice, our gestures
to control things
but indeed use our thoughts to control the world around us.
One of the applications for this is in payments.
We need biometric authentication to make payments.
The next generation of payments will be as easy as possible
and it will be secure.
Fingerprints is one way to do it
In fact thought waves are unique to the individual.
The US Department of Energy has a patent
to use thought waves to get in through doors to nuclear facilities.
We could just as well use that for payments as well.

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