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Keynote speaker video – Serious Games: The Value for Organizations

Recently futurist Ross Dawson gave a keynote on ‘Future of Technology’ at the ADC KRONE conference. Below is a video snippet of his inspiring keynote talking about how games, gaming technologies and virtual worlds can be used to create value for modern organizations.

Full Transcription: Excerpt from Serious Games – The Value for Organizations

Ross Dawson:

There’s a new phrase which is being used a lot, it’s called “serious games” and you think well that could be a contradiction in terms. Last night there were some games being played and building are pretty serious. But games can be serious. At the beginning of each year Harvard Business Review publishes a list of 20 fundamentally important trends in the economy and business. Four of those 20 trends this year were about how games and gaming technologies and virtual worlds were being used in business and there are many, many similarities. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with games like World of Warcraft. What you do in World of Warcraft is you go, you form teams, you collaborate, you create tasks, get task done, you have competitors, you have collaborators, you work together to actually achieve something.

Sounds a bit like an organization doesn’t it? There’s no reason why an organization could not function inside a game or a game interface where people take on these characters more than literally and play a game in order to perform business processes, to perform their tasks. Now this happens to show at the port of Rotterdam and some of the things which they’re doing, to be able to use games as an interface to getting work done and so games and the virtual world which we participate in are increasingly fundamental to the way in which organizations work.

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