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Ross Dawson is a world-renowned futurist, author, speaker, and CEO of international consulting firm Advanced Human Technologies. Dawson is in demand worldwide for his innovative work as a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and strategy facilitator. His frequent media appearances include CNN, Bloomberg TV, SkyNews, European Business Network, Channel News Asia, ABC TV, Today and Sunrise shows, New York Times, The Guardian and many others.

Ross Dawson on why we are hitting Crunch Time and what we need to know about it.

For years now we have all experienced massive change, driven not just by the extraordinary pace of developments in technology, but also by social shifts that have arguably been as dramatic as the technological changes that have fed them.

These shifts have been incremental over many years, so while we are all aware that the world is changing, many people still don’t realize quite how dramatic the impact will be.

I believe we are now reaching “Crunch Time”[SOMETHING HAPPENS], when cumulative change is reaching the point of fundamental disruption across the board. Now is when the extent of change is truly hitting home. It is leaving many shocked and dazed, however many others are seizing the extraordinary opportunities that emerge from rapid change.

There are four major implications of us hitting Crunch Time.

The pace of change means that everyone – from primary school students through to retirees – must understand these fundamental shifts. With the world of work utterly transformed, only those who learn continuously will experience better opportunities tomorrow.

In every domain new ethical issues and quandaries are emerging. The job of ethicist will grow massively moving forward, yet we are all responsible for grappling with the extraordinary possibilities available to us, so that we make the right choices in shaping our future.

Thinking about the future cannot be outsourced. This is not just the responsibility of leaders in business, government, and society. Every single one of us should be actively engaged with the extraordinary challenges of the future, so we can act better today.

Crunch time is, most importantly, a call to action. Those who have already understood these fundamental shifts are on the front foot. Now the world will divide between those who choose to take action and those who ignore or deny change.

To discover the 14 domains in which we see us hitting the Crunch, including work, retail, media, money, and privacy, and the responses we suggest for each domain, please visit and look under The Future Of…

It is up to all of us to the turn massive changes we are experiencing today into opportunities

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