Keynote: Creating Value for Yourself and Others in the Living Networks

An excerpt from Ross Dawson’s keynote speech at APIDays conference where he explains how to create value for yourself and others in the Living Networks.

Full Transcription: Creating Value for Yourself and Others in the Living Networks

Ross Dawson:

We talked at the beginning about the living networks, the networks are coming to life.
I would say that is all of our objective.
We need to enable the connections, enable the flow, enable the innovation,
enable that diversity of things coming together,
that will literally enable the networks to come to life.
I said this is the most exciting decade in human history.
That is because, I think the single most important facet,
is because the networks in which we are participating are coming to life.
Now a nice little side benefit of bringing the networks to life
is that you bring yourself to the center of the network,
you are creating value for yourself and your organization.
But if you try to capture all that value for yourself, it’s going to erode.
If you’re trying to maintain walls around that too much.
There is a delicate balance.
Those who are creating, those who are literally bringing those networks to life,
are creating success for themselves as well as the broader community in which we live.

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