Ketchum Webinar Series: Tapping the Power of Mobile


Mobile is shifting to the very heart of media and content. As such, in delving into the future of media over the last few years I have had an increasing focus on the mobile landscape, how to tap its potential, and where it is going.

Starting today, I am co-presenting a three part webinar series on Tapping the Power of Mobile run by leading PR firm Ketchum. Here is an overview of the three sessions, which slices the hefty amount of content, case studies, and insights we will be covering into segments that are each self-contained, but together provide a great foundation for creating value from mobile marketing.

Below is the full description of the webinars, which are for clients and friends of Ketchum, primarily in the Americas and Europe given the session timing. Contact Maegen Noble (see the bottom of the post) for further details.

I’ll share a couple of the insights we cover in the webinar series on this blog along the way.

Ketchum’s Global Media Network Presents “Tapping the Power of Mobile” Webinar Series

On April 13 and 27 and on May 4, Ketchum’s Global Media Network will present a series of three one-hour webinars with Ross Dawson, media futurist, author and Ketchum adviser, and Simon Noel, CEO and co-founder of Mobile One2One, addressing hot topics related to the mobile media landscape, including “Key Elements of the Mobile Landscape,” “Designing and Running Successful Mobile Campaigns” and “Where Mobile Is Going.” Each session will feature Ross and Simon and will be hosted and moderated by Ketchum Global Media Network Director Nicholas Scibetta.

Together, the webinars will present an in-depth look at the mobile media landscape and highlight successful case studies and examples to help marketers harness the power of mobile media for effectively reaching stakeholders:

Session One
“Key Elements of the Mobile Landscape”
The fundamentals of the global mobile landscape for marketers, the full array of emerging opportunities, and where to focus for greatest ROI.
Wednesday, April 13, 11 a.m. US EDT

Session Two
“Designing and Running Successful Mobile Campaigns”
The key ingredients for getting marketing results from mobile, from the fit in the marketing mix to strategies, relevance, metrics, and hitting your objectives.
Wednesday, April 27 at 11:00 a.m. US EDT

Session Three
“Where Mobile Is Going”
The upcoming winners in smartphones and tablet platforms, and how to be ready for the next phase of location, augmented reality, payments, and mobile everything.
Wednesday, May 4 at 11:00 a.m. US EDT

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized media futurist, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and authority on business strategy. He is a best-selling author of books, including Living Networks, which foresaw the social-networking revolution, and appears regularly in the world’s leading business media.

Simon Noel is CEO and co-founder of Mobile One2One, a specialized mobile marketing company that offers its services throughout Europe to PR and advertising agencies, carriers and public administrations. Simon and his colleagues help clients enhance their communication efforts by using the mobile phone as an effective marketing-mix tool.

Nicholas Scibetta, Partner and Director, Global Media Network, Ketchum
Ross Dawson, Media Futurist, Author and Ketchum Adviser
Simon Noel, CEO and Co-founder, Mobile One2One

These sessions are teleseminars. To register for and find out how to log in to the teleseminars, please contact Maegen Noble, Practices Resources and Services Supervisor, at [email protected]