My 2024 Ventures Map


Visual frameworks are invaluable to clarify the relationships between ideas. Among the many visual frameworks I have created are a number of visual representations of my business models, both to communicate effectively and provide greater clarify for myself.

I am now entering a new phase of my work and ventures built over the last 18 months.

Here is the visual framework of my current ventures, followed by an explanation of each of the elements.

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Amplifying Cognition
This sits at the center, not as the most important venture, but as the over-arching theme that unifies the scope of my work. After my book Thriving on Overload came out in September 2022 I was ready to dive deep into my next topic. This soon emerged as “Humans + AI”.

The phrase “Amplifying Cognition” brings together the focus on improving individual cognition of Thriving on Overload with the technological augmentation of Humans + AI. As such last year I rebranded my podcast from Thriving on Overload to Amplifying Cognition.

This theme is also central to my work with boards and executive teams, in amplifying individual and collective ability to make superior decisions amid accelerating change.

Ross Dawson – Futurist
My primary identity remains as ‘Futurist and entrepreneur’. My work with clients and my own ventures is rooted in sensing the emerging shape of the future and where opportunities lie.

Keynotes & advisory
I have been a professional keynote speaker for 24 years, travelling to well over 30 countries to share insights and inspire audiences. I love this work, and it remains at the center of my activities.

I also work extensively with boards and executive teams, most often running compact strategy sessions and workshops to frame the future, opportunities, and action, but also in related advisory roles.

AI-enhanced thinking Maven cohort course
My regular cohort course on Maven, AI-Enhanced Thinking & Decision-Making (next run in February), distills my work on Humans + AI for executives and entrepreneurs into a compact course.

In the middle of 2022 I set up a new startup, Informivity, to build products to amplify cognition and augment human intelligence. The following two products are built by Informivity, with more to come.

The AI rich interface app ThoughtWeaver has just been launched in Beta. In its current phase it is maximizes individual productivity using generative AI. It will develop to focus on enabling ‘better thinking with AI’ and to become an organizational platform for Humans + AI workflow.

Humans + AI Learning Community
The theme of “Humans + AI” is at the center of my work. The Humans + AI Learning Community brings together leaders and explorers to discover and learn together as AI advances. I’d love to have you in the community!

Thriving on Overload
The ideas and practices laid out in my book Thriving on Overload on how to succeed in world of exponential information are central to my work and will continue to be indefinitely. There is also a rich set of resources on the site.

Amplifying Cognition – Leadership & Productivity
We have built a set of programs for corporates to amplify capabilities of executives and staff. These include executive development programs and team capability improvement, based around transcending overload, using AI effectively, and improving cognition and decision-making.

Depending on the audience and objectives, these can be variously delivered on digital platforms, cohort courses, in-person workshops, or other structures to suit.

Check out the ventures!
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