If you’re in Sydney and totally awesome, we want to give you $250!


We have recently been advertising for a Genius projects/ marketing/ web/ publishing assistant/ manager – part-time in Sydney.

As we describe in our working principles document, the process starts with an interview and tests, after which we offer the most interesting candidates a one-day trial, in most cases offering to pay $250. For those we hire after the trial work, the most common pay structure is hourly rate plus profit share.

So let’s reframe this. If you think you could add value to what we’re doing, and have a day of your time spare, we’d love to pay you $250 for helping us with some project ideas we have.

The first step is to apply, and if you sound special we’ll give you a call and perhaps suggest catching up for an hour to discuss what we’re doing, and ask you to do a task to test your capabilities. If we think you have potential, we will offer you one day’s work, getting started on 1-2 small projects we will give you.

After that day, if we agree you’re totally awesome, we will offer you a role at AHT Group, and we will do what we can to entice you to join us on the terms that work for you, including substantial work flexibility.

Just look at our Genius projects person role for who we’re looking for, and apply here!

NOTE: For those who don’t have substantial relevant experience we have a similar offer for an Admin assistant with amazing digital potential to find juniors with as-yet-undiscovered extraordinary talent.

Do pass this on to people who you think would be interested :-)