Howard Rheingold on the origin and intent of what many say is their very favorite word: ‘teledildonics’


Many people say that ‘teledildonics’ (defined by Collins as “a technology supposedly enabling two or more people to engage in sexual activity remotely”) is their favorite word.

As Jenna Owsianik and I wrote in our Future of Sex Report:

The term Teledildonics has stimulated the imaginations of many on the potential for erotic connection at a distance. Often misattributed to Ted Nelson’s 1975 book Computer Lib/ Dream Machines, the term was coined by Howard Rheingold in 1990.

The first episode of The Virtual Excellence Show kicked off in style with a conversation with Howard, where among other fascinating topics I had th opportunity to ask him about the origins of the word teledildonics.

One of the interesting points he made was that he created the word to think into the future and help people envisage what may happen, as in fact the word has very effectively done.

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