Global mobile market shares: who’s winning


In preparing for the Ketchum Webinar Series on Tapping the Power of Mobile I wanted some data on international differences in mobile operating system shares. I was just about to begin compiling some data from StatCounter when my co-presenter One2One CEO Simon Noel pointed me to a visual created by iCrossing who have done a very nice job of it already.

Click on the image for full size

A few things stand out from this data:

* Apple iPhone is most dominant in Australia (with 74%), Germany, France and Japan, though in most major markets has lost market share to new entrants such as Android.

* Blackberry is only prominent in US and UK.

* Android has a massive dominance (84%) of the technology-lead market of South Korea, and has quickly reached solid market share in USA, France, Germany, and Japan.

* Nokia currently holds sway across the large fast-growth mobile markets, particularly in India, Egypt, and China, with around half the market in Brazil in Russia, however its share in China has fallen dramatically from 80% down to 59%. Nokia has negligible share in the US, UK, and Japan and small shares in continental Europe.

* Samsung is currently the second in market share in selected emerging markets such as Brazil and India.

Of course these market shares can and will change rapidly. I will be writing again soon on how the global mobile market may shift over the next few years.