Future of Crowdsourcing Summit: initial reflections on Twitter


Future of Crowdsourcing Summit is just over, and I’m very pleased with how it went and the feedback so far.

The format of back-to-back cross-continental panels over two hours means that the content is very intense, and given the size of topics we take on – the impact of crowdsourcing on work, organizations, media, economies and more – we can only really touch on the key issues, so much goes unsaid. Still, an extraordinary amount of really rich material was covered during the event.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep notes while I moderated. Part of the audio of the event was captured, so we hope to get that up in some form. However the primary record of the Summit was from Twitter, with the #foc10 stream very active throughout the event. @LeslieCBarry generated a very nice visual overview of the Twitter stream at the event:


The full Twitter stream for #foc10 is here – it’s well worth a read. The event done, I now have to focus on my Future of Global Media keynote in New York later this week, but will reflect more on the Future of Crowdsourcing Summit when I get a chance, hopefully soon. This really is one of the defining issues of our times.