Five awesome music videos


Of a Saturday morning I feel like watching some nice videos and music as I work. So, as we go along, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite music videos:

Bjork – All is full of love

One of the best videos ever, exploring the future of sexuality amid humans merging with machines. If you like this kind of stuff, check out our new media site: Future of Sex.

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

Enormously interesting visual thinking. There is not enough like it out there.

Animal Collective – My Girls

Nice full-bodied tune with classic minimalist psychedelic visuals.

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Lady Gaga is an outstanding visual artist, here creating a stark and evocative scene. We have based one of our video backdrops on the white room.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice
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This was the first video I downloaded to my video iPod, so I watched it quite a bit – definitely a classic!