Discount for London incubators at Crowdsourcing for Startups and Social Innovation workshop


On 1 May I am running a half-day Crowdsourcing for Startups and Social Innovation workshop at Hub Westminster.

From 1:30pm to 5:00pm we will run a highly interactive session looking at the practical ways in which crowds and crowdsourcing can be used to drive value in crowds and crowdsourcing.

We will primarily look at the crowdsourcing landscape, how to get outstanding results from using crowds, how to drive successful crowdfunding, and crowd business models for profit and non-profit, exploring many examples of how entrepreneurs and social innovators are using the ideas, energy, and enthusiasm of crowds to create amazing new ventures. Crowdsourcing is at the heart of how value is going to be created.

Expert panellists
The workshop will include a number of Expert Panellists who will share their experiences and lessons learned and engage in conversation with the participants.

We’re delighted to have Charles Armstrong, CEO of Trampoline Systems, originator of The Trampery, and a global pioneer in equity crowdfunding, joining us to share some of his experiences and lessons learned.

Matt Barrie, CEO of leading service marketplace will share his experiences in rapidly building a major crowdsourcing platform.

Steve Bynghall, my co-author for Getting Results From Crowds, will share some of his experiences and work from across the crowd space.

There are other outstanding panellists we’re waiting to confirm. Do let me know if there is anyone in London who would be essential to have there in their depth of experience in crowdsourcing in startups and social innovation.

Workshop discounts for London incubator members
It has been fantastic to see from a distance London’s startup scene flourish massively over the last few years, with Silicon Roundabout and beyond seeing Hub Westminster, TechHub, Accelerator, SeedCamp, Innovation Warehouse and many others becoming central to a new entrepreneurial focus to the London business community.

Workshop registration is just £50, but we’d be happy to offer a £10 discount to members of any of London’s incubators. Just get in touch on the Ross Dawson website with the name of the incubator and we will set up a discount code for you and your fellow members.

Unfortunately I am in London just for a day trip on 1 May, but I hope to be back in London briefly again over the following week or two, and will be keen to drop by some incubators to get a feel for what’s going on if I have space in my schedule.

Hopefully catch you along the way.