Directing Innovation: Course for company directors to keep ahead of disruption


For many years I have been working with company directors on framing and driving innovation in their organizations.

From this March I will be applying this experience as Course Director for a new program run by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), titled Directing Innovation. The one-day course is intended for experienced directors and graduates of the AICD’s foundation Company Director Course. Full details on the program are here.

The course, the first formal innovation program run by AICD, is scheduled to run in Sydney on March 7, Melbourne on March 18, and Brisbane on August 7, with further dates to be set.

This is part of a range of activities I am doing this year in engaging with leading company directors to help frame effective innovation and response to industry disruption.

My view is that today one of the most important leverage points to generate more prosperous, dynamic economies and societies is working with directors and boards. Framing opportunity appropriately relative to risk is critical for value creation. I will be sharing more as some of this work crystallizes.

Below is the description of the course on the AICD website.

Directors need to make strategic decisions in volatile and fast-moving environments. This specialisation course will equip you with the skills to plan and prepare for market fluctuations, and implement those plans with confidence.

As emerging marketplaces and industries evolve and developments in artificial intelligence, big data and automation continue apace, directors need to be ready to grapple with big decisions, while protecting their stakeholders.

You will build the resilience and capability for your board to direct your organisation through uncertain times. Armed with the tools and methodologies to encourage a more agile perspective on how your business could strategically operate in what can be referred to as a ‘VUCA’ (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, you will be able to create an environment and culture to ensure your leadership team can execute an innovative strategy to fuel efficient growth.

Recognising the importance of a comprehensive response to market disruptors and long-term strategy is understood best through experience. This course provides an intensive and safe environment to test assumptions and put theory into practice.

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