Design our new logo – get rich and famous!


The existing logo for Advanced Human Technologies was designed in 1997. Not only has the world changed a lot since then, it is now becoming a very different company. It is time for a complete rebranding, starting with the logo, and including a complete redesign of the website, which is also sorely out of date. More on all the updates later – in brief Advanced Human Technologies will go far beyond being a consulting company to also being a publisher and supporting several new start-up ventures.

I have chosen to use 99designs to get the logo done. I have long written about and explored online service exchanges such as elance, Guru, and vWorker. In fact the subject of my next book is about the global talent economy. As such I’m keen to try new models, and since 99designs seems very interesting, I’m giving it a go.

The way it works is first you put up your brief for a design such as a logo and you set a budget for what you’re prepared to pay. The interesting part is that all of the designers’ submissions are visible to all, and you rate them and give feedback on them until there is a winner. See How it Works.

This iteration process with multiple designers promises to give better results than the process on the other service exchanges, where you have to go through that process with one designer. In one case I selected a bid on elance to design a flyer, and it quickly became apparent that no amount of feedback would create a worthwhile result, so I paid the bidder half the bid amount to close out the arrangement.

SO: If you are a designer, please submit your ideas. Or if you know designers who would be interested, please let them know.

Click here to see our logo brief and submit your designs.

So far the bid has been up for over one day, and nothing very interesting has come up yet. I’m sure there is better out there.

The fee is $US375, so it might not make you quite rich, but if you’re a very good designer, I expect you can win this without too much time or effort.

If the winning logo comes from someone reading this blog, I’ll write on this blog about them and how wonderful they are – perhaps not quite fame, but I get a lot of the right of traffic from interesting people, and you may well get more good work as a result. (Note that this is only if I end up using the logo. I will go through the process on 99designs and award the prize to the best logo submitted, but I will only use it if I think it is absolutely right for the company.) You can also expect that the company and logo are going to be very visible in the years to come.

I look forward to your submissions!