What Global Business Leaders Are Saying About Living Networks

“I’m not sure that even Ross Dawson realizes how radical — and how likely — his vision of the future is. Ideas that spread win, and organizations that spawn them will be in charge.”
— Seth Godin, author, Unleashing the Ideavirus, the #1 selling e-book in history
“Dawson is exactly right — pervasive networking profoundly changes the business models and strategies required for success. Living Networks provides invaluable insights for decision makers wanting to prosper in an increasingly complex and demanding business environment.”
— Don Tapscott, co-author, Wikinomics
“Ross Dawson argues persuasively that leading economies are driven by the flow of information and ideas. The ideas in his own book can position any individual or company at the center of that flow. It’s a fast read, fun and full of examples.”
— Thomas H. Davenport, Professor and Director of Research, Babson College, and author, Competing on Analytics
Living Networks is a fast-paced tour of today’s business frontier. Rich with examples drawn from a myriad of settings, every page forces the reader to ask “How can I use that?” Beware! This book will make you think!”
— David Maister, author, Managing the Professional Service Firm
“This is the most accessible introduction to the role of networks and networking I have yet seen. Ross Dawson speaks from his own experience in a language which will make it clear to managers what steps to take next. Networking with own staff, customers and professional peers is here to stay.”
— Napier Collyns, co-founder, Global Business Network
“This is one of the most exciting books I’ve read in several years. Ross Dawson deftly examines the evolution of networks, organizations and strategy. He has more than succeeded in his intent, which is to produce a practical business book that shows business people how to leverage networks.”
— Melissie Rumizen, author, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knowledge Management
“The author has demonstrated that the success of his first book was no mere flash in the pan. His book is the one I would choose as a guide to understanding and action for the practical business person.”
— Bill Godfrey, Editor, Change Management Monitor
“This is a great standalone book about businesses, organisations and networks. Living Networks links relationship of network technologies and people networks in a readable, useful way.”
— Patti Anklam, author, Net Work
“Integration is the catalyst many companies are using today as their competitive strength. Living Networks shows how to make integration strategies work to deliver competitive long-term advantage.”
— Louis Columbus, Senior Analyst, AMR Research
“Ross Dawson has loaded Living Networks with good illustrations and even better insights. The book lays out dozens of principles for thriving in an increasingly networked world. Living Networks will challenge you. And if you’re going to win, then you must respond to the challenges Dawson puts forth.”
— Douglas K. Smith, author, Make Success Measurable!


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