Read Book Reviews: Getting Results From Crowds

“Ross Dawson and Steve Bynghall have masterfully delivered a comprehensive and strategically pragmatic guide to crowdsourcing. Each chapter elegantly lays out a key concept and then provides practical advice. This is the must read bible for effective crowdsourcing.”
– R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst & CEO, Constellation Research
“To many business executives crowdsourcing is a mysterious concept and they struggle to understand what it is, when to apply it and how to go about it. Ross’s latest book is a fantastic guide for businesses looking to access skills and drive innovation through crowdsourcing. I highly recommend it.”
– Peter Williams, CEO, Deloitte Digital
“Ross Dawson, the “crowd king”, provides with Getting Results from Crowds a comprehensive and up to date review of how to make crowds work for you!”
– Matt Barrie, CEO,
“To make the most of the different crowdsourcing options available for your business grab a copy of ‘Getting Results from Crowds’ – it will pay for itself many times over!”
– Mark Harbottle, Founder
“Once again Ross has nailed a complex topic and made this appealing to business executives striving to make sense of crowd-sourcing. He clearly explains how business can grow more effectively from the social connecting power of free forming (opt in) networks. As always, Ross’s books are jam packed with real stories of pioneers not only changing the world of work as we know it, but also he helps to inform and guide our leadership practices. A must read if you are serious about the changes underway and want to compete more effectively to harness simply the intelligence of everyone.”
– Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO Helix Commerce International Inc, Co-Founder SalesChoice Inc., and author of four books including Business Goes Virtual
“Crowdsourcing is game changing for business. Every business should crowdsource and those that crowdsource well will beat the competition. Dawson’s book will help you maximise the wisdom, creativity and value you extract from the crowd. Buy this book. Harness the crowd. Supercharge your business.”
– Alec Lynch, Founder,
“This is the smartest, most practical overview of crowdsourcing I’ve seen (and I think I’ve seen them all). It will be particularly valuable in helping larger and more established companies to adopt crowdsourcing.”
– Lukas Biewald, CEO, CrowdFlower
“A must-read for anyone looking to easily and cost-effectively leverage skills from around the world.”
– Davy Adams, Managing Director, IDG Australia
“If innovation is the new black, then crowdsourcing risks becoming the new kool aid. It’s a clever idea. But the risk, like all these buzz words and flavoursome concepts, is that a clever idea degenerates into a mere fad. Ross Dawson and Steve Bynghall have put together a guidebook to the wonderful world of crowds that is the best inoculation against that disappointing outcome I’ve yet seen. It is typically thorough, well organised, insightful, provocative when necessary and full of very practical advice and guidance. It doesn’t pull any punches and leaves you feeling energised and confident about how to make the best of the new tools and platforms of the crowd.”
– Martin Stewart-Weeks, Senior Director with Cisco’s strategy and innovation group the Internet Business Solutions Group, member of the Federal Government’s task force on Government 2.0 and Chair of the Australian Social Innovation Exchange.
“Ross and Steve have provided a comprehensive picture on the pros and cons, the ins and outs of offshoring. It’s a growing and bountiful market with a worldful of vendors. Knowing how to navigate this landscape is essential. This is one carefully thought out, well-written guide I would recommend to anyone embarking on the global odyssey that is crowdsourcing.”
– Luke Metcalfe, CEO, Rapid Intelligence
“A clear, practical book that explains the nature of crowdsourcing and shows how to apply it in your business.”
– David Alan Grier, First Vice President, IEEE Computer Society and Associate Professor of International Science and Technology Policy, George Washington University
“Crowdsourcing is an enigma to most. For some in business, one might as well call it crowd-sourcery. The uninitiated often fall prey to a cargo cult and expect the world to queue up to do work for them, just as it does for Wikipedia or Galaxy Zoo. Ross Dawson has demystified crowdsourcing, and more importantly given us the best road map I’ve seen to think through recent experience and show you where it fits in your organisation’s repertoire. He shows you how to make it work for you.”
– Nicholas Gruen, CEO, Lateral Economics and Peach Financial, and Chairman, Australian Government 2.0 Taskforce
“Businesses harnessing crowdsourcing are infinitely more successful than those that don’t. The question is – what should a business do and where should they start? Ross is THE guru to answer these questions sharing his wealth of experience in a concise and engaging way in his latest book.”
– Maria Sipka, CEO, Linqia
“Getting stuff done has forever changed thanks to the internet and online access to skills. This book makes sense of the crowdsourcing trend for BOTH buyers and providers of services. My favorite section is that ethics, integrity and good citizenry must still underpin all actions. Relationships and reputation matter more than ever in a connected and transparent world; this guide is invaluable to business people who want to transform the way they resource projects.”
– Annalie Killian, Director of Innovation and Social Business, AMP
“If you want to leverage the talent of a crowd – and why you wouldn’t you? – this is the ultimate guide. It gives you insight into how to best use it to your advantage and fly with your powerful idea.”
– Luca Penati, Global Managing Director, Ogilvy PR
“Getting Results From Crowds is one of those books where you’re mad at the authors… for not writing it sooner. Getting Results from Crowds sells itself as a guidebook where you can dip into the different piece of the material as you have the needs.”
– Prof. Terri L. Griffith, Author of The PLUGGED-IN Manager
“This book is A Crowdsourcing Bible for Companies or Individuals that can be applied to almost any industry on the planet.”
– Epirot L. Nekaj, Founder of Ludvik+Partners
“The Crowd is no longer just a strange phenomenon that is part of the new digital landscape, but instead the Crowd is now a new instrument that is vital to understand if you want to build new relationships with customers or develop new business models. Managing this collective behavior is something that you have to learn, to master, and which requires new skills and new approaches. ‘Getting Results From Crowds’ is an excellent guide to the world of crowds, with outstanding research, compelling cases and loaded with practical advice and methods to allow you to master the Art of the Crowd.”
– Peter Hinssen, author of The New Normal
“In Getting Results from Crowds Ross Dawson deftly breaks down the “art” of crowdsourcing, making it easily understandable and applicable to almost any industry. You’ll never look at leveraging the wisdom of a crowd in quite the same way again.”
– Nicholas Scibetta, Partner and Global Director, Ketchum PR


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