Table of Contents

Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships 2nd Edition

Part 1: Knowledge-Based Client Relationships
Chapter 1: Leading Your Clients: Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships
Chapter 2: The Future of Professional Services: Achieving Differentiation in Rapidly Changing Industries

Part 2: Adding Value with Knowledge
Chapter 3: Adding Value to Information: from Information to Knowledge
Chapter 4: Adding Value to Client Decision-Making: Better Strategic, Line, and Portfolio Decisions
Chapter 5: Adding Value to Client Capabilities: Enhancing Processes and Skills

Part 3: Implementation
Chapter 6: Enhancing Client Relationship Capabilities: Implementing Key Client Programs
Chapter 7: Relationship Channels: Implementing Communication Portfolios
Chapter 8: Firm-Wide Relationship Management: Structuring Client Contact
Chapter 9: Leading Relationship Teams: Creating Consistent Communication
Chapter 10: Co-Creating Value: Building Partnerships and Developing Knowledge
Chapter 11: Value-Based Pricing: Implementing New Revenue Models
Chapter 12: Taking Action: Leading Your Clients in the Knowledge Economy Evolving Strategy and Organizational Structures

Appendix: The Nature of Mental Models: How People Acquire Knowledge


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