What are the jobs of the future?


I just did an interview on the industries that will grow and shrink this decade – I’ll provide a link to the story when it comes out if the magazine puts it online, or if not write it up as a blog post later.

It made me remember an interview I did a couple of years for an article on the jobs of the future. They just took a brief quote from my interview:

Futurist Ross Dawson of the Future Exploration Network says that when social networks burst onto the scene, roles as community managers or social network managers became a necessity.

Such roles are still new, he says, but companies and celebrities alike are advertising for professionals to help them manage their consumer and fan online chat.

“You can have thousands of friends on Facebook and MySpace,” Dawson says. “A celebrity will have people that help them manage their MySpace site as they have a lot of people to interact with and not enough time.”

Here is the list of jobs of the future that I told the journalist about:

Social network manager

Virtual assistant

Personal database manager

Reputation manager

Carbon emission consultant

Computer scavenging

Brain implant surgeon

Emotional robot interface designer

Information filterer

Motion capture actors

Dog yoga instructor

Concept visualization designer

What do you think the jobs of the future are?