Updated version of Social Media Strategy Framework


Our Social Media Strategy Framework released a few months ago has been getting a lot of attention and downloads. Based on the feedback we’ve been getting, one of the things that was missing in the first Beta version was a clearer explanation of the structure of the diagram, which has two simultaneous flows down the left and right sides of the circle.

We have clarified that in this version, indicating that the left side shows the three steps in the process of ENGAGEMENT while the right side shows the three steps in STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT.

For a complete description of the diagram see the launch of the original framework.


Click on the image to download pdf

This is still a Beta and we will continue to develop this, so please give us your input on how to improve it!

  • Can’t open the file. Adobe Reader says it may be corrupted.

  • Same here – the PDF is corrupted.

  • Sorry! This seems to be working now. Let me know if any further problems.

  • How do you distinguish this from a type of best practice, something you don’t believe in according to your post from last week? (https://rossdawson.com/weblog/archives/2009/09/there_is_no_suc.html)
    I assume that since you have created both of these posts that you have a delineation in mind. I would be curious to understand your perspective.

  • Great question Kevin! A few points:
    * This framework is generic i.e. designed to be useful for many (any?) organizations as a starting or reference point in looking at social media. However this would absolutely look different when applied to any single organization.
    * The framework is not intended to be prescriptive, but a provocation into thinking about key issues. I commonly use this or similar frameworks in facilitating executive teams in considering issues and creating their own strategies.
    * I understand ‘best practice’ as something (usually a business process) specific enough that it can unambiguously be implemented in the same way in another business. A framework of this kind at a higher (and more conceptual) level than processes.
    * As such, you could set up best practices for the individual points in the framework. In some cases that would be useful, though my feeling is that each one would itself be implemented somewhat differently in different contexts, industries, and organizations.
    I hope this answers your question – let me know if you think it isn’t satisfactory 🙂

  • Anonymous

    where is the download link?, i would like to download it…

    • just click or right-click on the image

      • Anonymous

        thanx…:)..my twitter hanle @saurav_thakur and i would follow you…please do help me in these things …i am a newbie to this social media thing…

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