Trend map for 2007 and beyond


Given it’s festive season now, it’s probably time for a bit of fun. and Future Exploration Network have collaborated in producing a map of major trends for 2007 and beyond, across ten segments: society & culture, government & politics, work & business, media & communications, science & technology, food & drink, medicine & well-being, financial services, retail & leisure, and transport & automotive. Click on the map below to get the full pdf.


Trend Blend 2007+ map

Inspired by the subway map for a well-known city, the map shows some of the major trends in each of these segments, as well as the key intersections between the trends. Have a browse through to see some of the more interesting trends in the landscape. And please don’t take it too seriously…

As with most of our content, this is released on a Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, so if you disagree with the trends we’ve chosen or think you can improve on the map, please take it and run with it!

Our clients will get a glossy pinup of the map, and if there’s enough demand we’ll release a T-shirt….

Fabulous festive season to all!

[UPDATE:] MindShare Asia’s unofficial blog, The Big Swifch, has called this “The world’s best trend map. Ever.”, and relates it to Edward Tufte‘s work. Thanks James! He also says he’s considering doing something similar for media/ marketing trends in Asia. Look forward to it!

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    IF! says:

    Trend Tube Map

    Mindshare called this ‘The world’s best trend map ever’ and they’re not far wrong. Ross Dawson put the map together in December last year and based it on, what looks like, the famous London tube map by Harry Beck. The map shows key trends in each sect…

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