Speaking about corporate innovation and the future of business


Cameron Reilly of The Podcasting Network fame has just interviewed me for his podcast series G’Day World. The podcast is available here. Some of the things we talked about were:

* How senior executives think – or don’t think – about innovation.

* The balance of innovation across large organizations and start-ups.

* Open innovation approaches for large organizations.

* Where media will look like in 10 years, including the spectrum of media, massive fragmentation, and new funding models for content creation.

* Transcending the mouse and keyboard in user interfaces.

I’ve been under the gun with some intense client deadlines for a few months now, so I have a backlog of at least a dozen blog posts I want to do and have not managed to get done. One of these is a quick debrief from when Cameron and I caught up for coffee in Melbourne recently. Hopefully coming soon…