SAP webinar on the US stimulus package and how to benefit from it


On July 29 at 2pm ET SAP is running a webinar on the US economic stimulus package and ways to be able to take advantage of it. Full details here and below.

Tap Into a “Hidden” Stimulus for Your Business:

Understand Its impact. Discover another “Hidden Stimulus”

The current $787 billion Stimulus will surely help a lot of small and midsize businesses. For everyone else, however, there’s another even bigger “Stimulus” that isn’t in the news.

On July 29th, a panel of leading business experts will examine both:

• What the current Stimulus means to businesses like yours: find out exactly where the Stimulus will help businesses like yours and where it will not, and more importantly, what you need to do to best leverage the Stimulus package for your own benefits

• How to uncover the “Hidden Stimulus” in your own business: for businesses that don’t build bridges or solar panels, experts will share strategies, tools and examples to help find the other “hidden stimulus”—the one that saves you money year after year by purging inefficient business processes.

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[DISCLOSURE:] I am being paid to participate in this webinar. That said, it promises to be extremely interesting :-)