Presentation on Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in the Real World


I’ve just got back from presenting at NSW KM Forum on Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in the Real World, where I was spreading word on our Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum.

Below are my slides, which contain some preview material from our Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report, which will be released at the end of the month.

I used the slides to discuss what actually happens in organizations in implementing Enterprise 2.0, using examples of situations I’ve seen of successful and unsuccessful implementations, and creating a conversation with the audience (who had many great stories and perspectives to offer).

Things begin by someone in the organization recognizing that there is potential value in applying web technologies.

However soon barriers emerge, which are different in each organization. These need to be understood and addressed in order to facilitate useful organizational change.

The path of implementation is different for each company, however in most large organizations some key elements need to be in place, such as addressing governance issues and directing energies where they will reap the greatest rewards and set the stage for further initiatives.

Ultimately organizations need to become comfortable with experimentation, iterating in finding how to build a more responsive, effective organization.