Looking for Amazing Multi-Talented Content Project Manager/ Editor/ Web Dev – Part-time – Sydney


Things are crazy busy here, with lots of great stuff on the boil. While our businesses have always been primarily about content, we are starting to make some of these activities more scaleable. As such we’re looking for someone to help us on that journey.

Below is the ad on Seek.com. If you can think of anyone who would be perfect for the role and interested in this, please let them know!

Amazing Multi-Talented Content Project Manager/ Editor/ Web Dev – Part-time – Sydney

Apply your awesome talent and intelligence to cutting-edge highly visible content projects: reports, web, iPad, events and more: part-time/ flexible

• We are looking for someone extremely talented at content creation and projects

• Drive cutting-edge content projects with global visibility

• Working on reports, online media, iPad apps, and/ or software dev – whatever you’re best at

• Based in Sydney’s digital hub Surry Hills – part-time and highly flexible hours

We want talent!

We believe in talent. We want someone exceptional. Rather than a particular skill set, we are looking for a very special person who has outstanding capabilities at language, technology, and ideas, can run effective projects, and add a lot of value to what we do.

We see a particularly deep pool of very talented people who do not want full-time work, so we are offering a part-time role here.

What we do and capabilities we need

We are a small team based in the heart of Surry Hills’ digital hub, creating content in many formats, including reports, websites, iPad apps, events and more, using a global network of writers, designers and developers. We need someone whose talent, intelligence, experience and skills can be applied to this broad media space.

In approximate order of importance, listed below are our key activities and the relevant capabilities we need to support our growth.

NOTE: We don’t expect you to have ALL of these skills – we need you to be awesome at one or more, and able to apply your talents to the others. Solid experience in writing and editing business reports is a particular priority, though not essential to be considered.

Project management: We have a diverse range of projects on the go.

Capabilities Required: Know the disciplines to manage projects and keep a distributed team on track.

Editing/ Writing: We publish high-value reports on cutting-edge issues such as iPad strategy, future of cities, social media monitoring, Enterprise 2.0, crowdsourcing etc.

Capabilities Required: Able to understand complex business and technology issues, write well about them, and supervise writers.

Website development and community management: We are continually launching new websites and online communities.

Capabilities Required: Know WordPress or other major CMS very well, and able to work with skilled designers and developers to create great websites.

Supervising software development: We are building back-ends for various aggregators and web analytic services we are creating.

Capabilities Required: Competent at supervising software development (we’re not necessarily looking for a coder but you will probably be exposed to platforms such as PHP, JS, iOS, Ruby and certainly understand scalability issues).

Event management: We run a variety of events from evening forums to our annual Future Summits held simultaneously in Sydney and San Francisco.

Capabilities Required: Have plenty of experience running events.

Other highly valued skills include graphic design or design sensibility, research and analysis, and consulting project support.

Team and expectations

You will work as part of a small core team and with our global network of designers, developers and writers. Much of your work will be taking ideas and executing them effectively. You must be a pleasure to work with.

Expectations for work quality are extremely high. Our basic standard is perfection, so you have to be comfortable in a highly demanding environment.

While the primary workplace is in Surry Hills near Central, you will often be able to work from home. We expect you will have your own laptop.


Pay is expected to be up to $30 per hour plus super, depending on experience. The right candidate will be attracted by the many benefits of working here: great work flexibility, driving high-profile online projects, learning a diverse range of emerging media, and experiencing new business models.

There will be bonuses if projects are successful.

We envisage an initial work period of a few months on a casual basis, after which we will reassess and work out the best way to move forward.

The successful candidate will probably either be young with the depth of their talent not yet recognised, or have deeper experience but want work flexibility.

Our companies

You will work across the Advanced Human Technologies group of companies, which includes:

Advanced Human Technologies – www.ahtgroup.com

Future Exploration Network – www.futureexploration.net

The Insight Exchange – www.theinsightexchange.com

and also support the group chairman:

Ross Dawson – www.rossdawson.com


Send applications to application AT ahtgroup DOT com

Any imperfection in your application will show you are not right for this job.

Only short-listed candidates will receive a response.