How tablets are changing how we consume news


Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has just released some great research on how people use tablets (still mainly iPads) to consume news. The infographic below summarizes the findings – click on the image to go through to the original full-size version.

The very short summary is that those who own tablets usually access news on their devices, they access more news than before, and that substitutes for other news sources. However not many are paying for new on their tablets yet.

The survey results, combined with the announcement lower cost tablets such as the Kindle Fire, are entirely consistent with the arguments I made when I released the Newspaper Extinction Timeline, which is now a few days away from its first anniversary.

There are still major uncertainties on issues such as news pricing structures, screen technologies, and device formats, however the trends are clear. News will be accessed where we are, and delivered on screens larger than those on mobile phones.

  • Peter Tarlan

    I love infographics like this. Some of the facts on here are very impressive, especially that 43% of tablet users are over 50! And it was me thinking it was mainly just youngsters using them! I saw a interesting infographic on Twitter today actually, its on lovehatedata dot com, and its about how data is all around us, if you like that type of thing its definitely worth a look. 

    Thanks for the article Ross.


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  • Signore Volpone

    Kindle Fire will be available in a couple of days! 🙂


  • Haodehuaide