(Finally!) Relaunching Advanced Human Technologies


At last!!! It is literally over five years now that I have been wanting to revamp the website for my core company Advanced Human Technologies. In the meantime we have created many new websites, but the size of the task of reworking my original website, combined with the reality of an always-overfull list of pressing priorities, meant that it never quite made it to the top of the agenda. Click on the image to see the new website.


The balance of my activities has grown and shifted over time, notably with the launch of long-term strategy firm Future Exploration Network over three years ago and events company The Insight Exchange a month ago. It was well time to reposition, rebrand, and relaunch Advanced Human Technologies, which our new logo and new website does well.

My original vision of spawning multiple new ventures is becoming a reality, bringing Advanced Human Technologies back to a role providing professional services, publishing, and initiating and supporting new ventures.

Our consulting applies our expertise in networks and high-value relationships across a broad array of domains, including implementing Enterprise 2.0, organizational networks, influence networks, client leadership, and professional services strategy. We ourselves apply network principles to our structure, drawing on a broad network of global best-of-breed experts to deliver services.

We also have a new logo (see the process we used for the logo design on 99designs) to reposition and represent who we are. This is a significant step forward for our group of companies, and having finally completed this frees us up to work on a bunch of new initiatives. The intention is to experiment with organizational formats, and hopefully learn some things along the way. I’ll keep you posted on what we learn.