Fantastic insights from the blog coverage of the Future of Media Summit


Sorry I’ve been slow to follow up on the Future of Media Summit – it’s been a very busy time since the event, including some long flights 🙂

To start off here are some of the most interesting blog posts on the Summit. There are some fantastic ideas and insights in these, so well worth a read. In no particular order :

Stephen Collins: What will the future of media look like?, including the ‘artificial split’ between journalism and new media

Chris Bishops: Monetising future content: business models as traditional content models break down.

JD Lasica: Takeaways from Future of Media Summit, including the ‘Great Decoupling’ and media as ‘Distraction Machine’

Phil Morle: A Future for TV: The Collaborative Crowd – the future is (crudely) present

Seth Yates: Comprehensive Future of Media Summary including notes on all the panels

Jay Cross: review of Future of Media Summit, including the US future of journalism panel

Stilgherrian: Note to “old media: journalists: adapt or stfu!

(Same post at Crikey with different comment stream)

Jonathan Este: Bloggers: the biggest whingers since journalists (Response to Stilgherrian, originally posted on Crikey and reposted on Stilgherrian’s blog with comments)

Brad Howarth: Live from Future of Media Summit Part 1, Live from Future of Media Summit Part 2, Live from Future of Media Summit Part 3 – detailed insights and commentary

Craig Wilson: review of the Future of Media Summit, including discussion of the Twitter backchannel at the event

Gavin Heaton: review of future of Media Summit: the future of media is PARTICIPATION

Alex Gibson: compilation of ideas and annotations from the event Twitter stream

Kathy Drasky: live blogging and commentary from the Future of Media Summit in Silicon Valley

Gordon Whitehead: Future of Media: Opportunity or Train Wreck – believing in opportunities

Also be sure to see the initial review of social media commentary on the Future of Media Summit. Since then, additional posts on the Future of Media Summit blog include two additional summaries of discussions on Participant Roundtables on the Sydney side:

Media and social networks Roundtable

Shifts in the advertising industry Roundtable

[UPDATE:] More great blog posts

Hugh Martin: More thoughts on the Summit and Future of Journalism panel

Trevor Cook: Future of media: how relevant is social media? (Trevor coulddn’t attend but responded to the blog conversation)

Ben Barren: Recap of hesaid-shesaid Australia’s own Sarah Lacy moment (Ben also didn’t attend but adds thoughts to the debate.

Francis Pisani (Le Monde blog):

Blogalaxie: “future des medias” et “rumeurs” – Francis’s comments on the future of journalisms blog discussion stemming from the event.

I’ll be weighing in on the future of journalism debate (including notes from the outstanding Silicon Valley panel discussion) as soon as I get a chance…

  • Ross
    Congrats on a great event. Really enjoyed the day. Thanks for the bloggers invite and above mention.