A change of tack for Trends in the Living Networks


Happy New Year! I wish you a most wonderful year ahead. I for one am very, very excited about what 2013 holds.

I’m just back from close to three weeks holiday over Christmas and New Year, including some wonderful time on the beach and among the kangaroos in Jervis Bay.

As always after a holiday I have a broader perspective on where I am and what I am doing. The time was ripe for other reasons too, but I realized while I was away that it is time for me approach this blog a little differently than I have.

It is a constant struggle to keep the blog active given all my other activities and commitments, but it is still a high priority so I will do what I can to keep it alive and flourishing.

I will continue to share as I can snippets of ideas from my speaking and media appearances, as well as particularly relevant content that illuminates key trends in how the networks are coming to life.

However there are a number of other ways I will also intend to use this blog, including:

Lessons from ventures. Our business model (here is the old version, soon to be replaced with an updated framework) is beginning to get some real traction. I hope to share far more on our ventures, how we are approaching our business model, and what we are learning as we experiment with new structures.

Focus on the individual. When I left corporate world I felt had a choice as to whether I worked primarily with organizations or individuals. I chose to focus initially on organizations, with the intention of later shifting to help individuals create high performance and live rich lives. That shift will be gradual, as I love exploring and creating the future of organizations, however it is time for me to begin sharing ideas on how individuals can best create wonderful futures for themselves and others.

Book ideas. I have a list of 109 ideas for books I’d like to write. Obviously I will never write them all, but I still aspire to make a dent in that list. For now I am working on one at a time, with a proposal for my next book a current priority. However in the meantime I can share some of the core ideas for my other books in posts, and possibly even start to flesh out some of them over a series of posts.

Personal thoughts. I have kept a journal since I was 16. One of the most valuable aspects of this is that I have captured ideas and perspectives that would probably otherwise be lost, yet have remained guiding principles through my life. Some of these mental frames came back to me strongly while I was on holidays, and I hope through the year to share some of the ideas that have been at the heart of my personal journey.

I will do what I can to sustain a reasonable pace of blogging so I can share some of the above and more. I look forward to crossing paths on the journey.