As long as the universe is changing… there will be opportunities


All change creates both challenges and opportunities.

All life is change: being born, growing, learning, maturing, dying, evolving.

Society is continually transforming: moving from the past to the future, building on our human history, creating new and unique manifestations of humanity.

Our world is morphing: the turning of the seasons, the movement of the continents, shifts in climate and flora and fauna, both natural and anthropogenic.

Some people prefer the ways things are, the known, even if change might lead to better things.

Others embrace the unknown for the possibilities it offers.

It is all in our attitude.

We can focus on the fact that a changing world means we cannot continue doing what we have always done, and will need to change ourselves.

But we can be sure of one thing.

As long as the universe is changing… there will be opportunities.

It seems as if the universe in which we are set is changing faster than ever, an outcome of our own making.

This means that there will be more opportunities than ever before.

Our first task is simply to look for and perceive just a fraction of the bounteous opportunities stemming from unrelenting change.

We must also acknowledge and respond to the potential problems of change, but these should not be our primary focus.

Even in change that initially seems overtly negative we can find opportunities, not just in business but in turning them to positive societal impact.

To see a possibility is the critical first step to realizing it.

Feel blessed to live in a time of extraordinary change.

Because it means we live amidst unpredecedented opportunity.