5 sets of resources on how to do remote work well from the world’s leading virtual companies


Many people and organizations have recently been suddenly thrown into a world of remote work, and are struggling to work out how to do.

A few companies have long relied heavily on remote work, or even been completely virtual organizations since they were founded.

A number of those companies, in line with their philosophies and principles, have openly shared their internal resources to help do remote work well.

Here is a selection of five of the best.


Atlassian has shared a series of self-guided workshops called Plays to help remote team create new rituals.


Google employs nearly 100,000 people, with almost half of all meetings remote. Google has shared a compact Distributed Work @Google Playbook covering People, Place, and Practices.


Work platform Toptal, which pretty reasonably claims to be ‘the world’s largest fully remote company’, has provided The Suddenly Remote Playbook for sustaining an enterprise-grade remote work environment.


Zapier, a 100% distributed company with over 300 remote employees in 17 time zones and 28 countries, has provided what it calls The ultimate guide to remote work, including dozens of articles on specific topics, and a Suddenly Remote starter kit.


GitLab is a remote-only company with well over 1,000 employees. It has shared a set of Remote work resources covering what it has learned in supporting virtual work, including media articles, videos, podcasts, presentations, and blog posts from team members on their insights.